Wednesday, March 2, 2016

I can tell you that the greatest need is here in the nexus in this hour

  Hercules manifests the power aspect of God, but this power is always tempered by the feminine aspect so that it is not a destructive force but it is a power of light and love....It is so needful that the thought of beauty from out the Great Central Sun be held in the consciousness of the mothers of the world....
  The so-called cult of the Mother of the World must arise within mankind's consciousness that the youth of the world be trained for spiritual avatarship, for spiritual experiments, for spiritual living....
  The power of freedom must be retained in the heart of America that the germinal seeds of light may be transmitted safely there in one mighty pan-American union....receptivity must be retained to the ascended master octaves.     -Elohim Amazonia:  12-16-1962 via Messenger Mark Prophet

  In every individual monad there is a gigantic spiritual map of all things created and sustained within.  That map is the counterpart every portion of reality everywhere.  And whensoever an individual by reason of their consciousness brings down discord or darkness upon any part of life--whether it be a grain of sand or a continent--when they shun that part of life as though it had no reality or seek to annihilate that precise instant as though a pin were pricked upon that map at that exact spot darkness ensues in the consciousness and the individual carries then in the cup of light points of darkness.   
-Elohim Hercules:  7-20-1969 via Messenger Mark Prophet
  My pillar of fire in northern California in the very heart of the light of HalfDome is an energy thatI has been established for the preservation of the golden light remnant of Lemuria 
embodied upon this soil, vibrating within this state.  California represents, in its incarnations of souls and in the frequencies of the light anchored here, the Alpha and the Omega of the original thrust of the embodied root races--the first, second and third.        -Elohim Hercules:  7-2-1979 at Camelot, Los Angeles

  I can tell you that the greatest need is here in the nexus in this hour and that every Keeper of the Flame ought to make it his solemn responsibility to consider:  the complete and absolute protection of the Messenger, the community and the chelas of the light, and that there ought to be a greater consideration toward this cosmic purpose than to the dissipation of light all over the planet to those needy causes which are indeed legitimate and yet which others who are of the light who are Christians or Buddhists or Hindus or Moslems do espouse and do sponsor.               -Elohim Hercules and Amazonia:  12-31-1981 at Camelot, Los Angeles

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