Wednesday, March 23, 2016

the battle rages for life, and those who follow the stream of death

..."mere mortals"--you can hear, even in the expression, the old leftover consciousness of the Nephilim who subdued their mechanization man and caused them to bow and scrape and to consider the gods as a holy terror, as tyrants, as givers of favors, as controllers of life and destiny through their genetic engineering and all manner of advanced science.
...the battle rages for life, and those who follow the stream of death continue to attempt to misuse the strain of life....Beloved ones, to take the seed of God which is the seed of Christ and to commit it to the form of that animal (mice) which has come directly out of the astral creations of the Nephilim gods is surely to subject the Almighty and His light to the generation of the wicked, to the animal form....
Realize then that the souls of the people do recognize your light and your coming (on a rescue mission).  Realize that their leaders will not.....
Fortunate are we then who come out of the East to raise up the West that we are freely depicted.  Now it will take but a heightened awareness through our Teaching, through your own souls, for individuals to realize that we are real and very near and that we help those who will make the call and expect deliverance.    
-Kuan Yin:  12-11-1981 at Summit University, Camelot, Los Angeles
 in Prayer and Meditation, 1978
A sort of wild laboratory for sick monkeys at Lake Victoria on an island there:

A peculiar procedure used by Ugandan monkey trappers might explain why MARV was imported to Europe (1967) by healthy looking animals. When the trappers found sick animals that could not be sold, they transported them to an island in Lake Victoria, leaving them there to die or to survive. When they did not have enough monkeys to complete a shipment, they rowed to this island, trapped some healthy looking animals, and included them in the shipment. Since cases of human infection have shown that MARV can persist for some months in sequestered parts of the body, such as the testes or anterior eye chambers, some healthy looking animals might have had MARV in their organs. At least 2 laboratory workers had acquired infection from contact with monkey kidney cell cultures.

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