Tuesday, March 8, 2016

How the Chicago Mob affected JFK

James Sutton worked for Chicago's Don, Giancana.  Giancana had a deal with JFK to carry Chicago, and if JFK got 1960 election he would go easy on Mob.  JFK didn't.  The pieces fit.  Sutton (a lone killer, young, at the Grassy Knoll in 1963) and Antoinette Giancana (her book JFK & Sam, 2005) both admitted to the crime being done precisely on these lines and in detail.  But there are still are few strands to tie in--and these are astrological.

"President John F. Kennedy's assassination on November 22, 1963 was preceded by a total solar eclipse earlier that year."     -Messenger ECP:  Saint Germain Prophecy, 2, 1990, p. 65

So now we have the natal chart of JFK for Brookline, MA at 3 p.m. of 5-29-1917; also the natal chart for "Sam" Giancana of 6-15-1908 in Illinois; also that the solar eclipse of 7-20-1963 was at 95% over Boston.

First, JFK's natal chart:  24 degrees Cancer MH at 45 degree angle to Sun at 8 Gemini.  No other Sun aspects.  So the midheaven aspect is crucial.  After 46 years (hence 1963) JFK's natal sun progressed to that point--showdown.  Big showdown.

Second, Sam Giancana's natal chart--This guy was really rough, fierce, uncompromising according to his own sense of values:  Sun, Pluto conjunct at 24 Gem.; Neptune, Mars, Mercury between 13-16 Cancer square to Saturn at 9 Aries and opposite Uranus at 16 Cap.  Thus both SG and JFK had in common the Gemini/Cancer dynamic, but SG's was stronger by far.  (Then of course JFK pissed off a lot of the East Coast Establishment, not too small a factor.)

Finally, by progression rate of 1 degree/year JFK's natal descendant advanced, so that in 46.5 years the 21 degrees Aries of his natal descendant reached 7.5 degrees Gemini, thus hiting his own natal Sun.  A fast life.               -R, Ashland, OR


murder weapon shown above

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