Wednesday, March 9, 2016

no greater magnet in the earth than the magnet of the Mother-flame and the ascension light

  People speak of what is called sex appeal and the magnetism of sex.  Beloved hearts, this is such a great travesty, for there is no greater magnet in the earth than the magnet of the Mother-flame and the ascension light.  It is pure life....
  Many in this nation have a bland self-awareness.  They are almost outlines on a newspaper with scarcely any features, like the cartoons in your dailies.  Beloved hearts, there are many Americans who do not even visualize themselves in color in in life; this is because the example is so poor in all those who call themselves leaders.  Their great failure is to take a stand for something, anything; their great failure is to always seek popularity instead of truth....
  For this nation, despite her leaders rather than because of them, shall rise and rise again.  And upon that rising light of ascension's flame in her very midst your own future depends.  Tribes and nations of all the Earth, people of God everywhere, you are already members of the I AM Race wherever you are upon the planetary body.  And this nation is preserved for you by my beloved Saint Germain.
Therefore send a prayer and a light of love and help this people who carry the cross of planetary karma on your behalf....
  O Mother-flame of America:  strive and serve and continue to surge forward with the message of eternal life, with the message of the challenge and the judgment, the rebuke and the compassionate word of affirmation of true Selfhood.  O Mother-flame of America, O Mother of the world, receive now a great influx of our light as the feminine ray descends and is concentrated for the life and the victory of all living creatures.                -Portia:  7-2-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles

-Portia by John W. Wright, 1846

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