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our dictations and our discussions concerning these subjects will shortly be coming to a conclusion

    Blessed ones, the recognition of one’s inner attainment and the awareness that by karma or neglect one has not brought forth that light in this life is surely a moment, a moment of inner recognition, a sense of the gap between a manifest reality that could be and somehow a vacancy that yet is.
This self-assessment, beloved, is necessary.  One may affirm in decree “I AM a Son of God,” but there is a level of the incarnation of the Son that one must realize in order to be that absolute decree in manifest actuality.  Do not take for granted that your Holy Christ Self will descend into your temple and take over and suddenly a Son of God will appear.  This is not the real teaching of the path.
  In the first instance one must study what is that karma that prevents the fullness of the inner attainment from being the working person that you are in form.  Then you must assiduously invoke the violet flame for the binding of that interloper who has come to occupy your house, not necessarily with your permission.  But he did not knock but entered and when you saw that one in your house, instead of putting him out, you accommodated….
  Blessed ones, while you allow your house to be inhabited by the stranger that is not an angel in disguise you yourselves will find that you are losing ground and the groundwork laid by us long ago, and you may even be losing your soul in the delusion that you have such attainment that you may be a savior of another before in actuality you have manifested the fullness of that savior.  Be on guard!  I, Jesus, warn you that in these days it is the hour when antichrists should come, and the dweller on the threshold that is the antithesis of Self is indeed the anti-Christ force.  Expel it then by the thunderbolt Vajra!  Vajra!  Vajra!
  Let the power of God in you then seek first things first and know that to be a messiah, a leader of men and nations this Christ must be firmly ensconced, fixed in your being, integrated with you chakra by chakra.  This is the immediate goal; pursue it daily.        
           -Jesus Christ:  2-14-1988 at San Francisco via Messenger of the Great White Brotherhood E C Prophet
    I come, Kuan Yin, a ray of light in form out of the all-seeing Eye of the Buddha.  I come to you this evening representing the Lords of Karma and I come, beloved, to tell you that this is the hour when you may appeal to the Lords of Karma for a dispensation of mercy’s flame, violet flame when you make the request to use that dispensation specifically for the mitigation, turning back, transmutation of those prophecies told to you last evening.
  Therefore all who will join me in the bodhisattva vow for the saving of lightbearers in the Earth, to you I say, the extraordinary light of the violet flame is given to those who will direct it and invest it in the saving of that which could be lost without that impetus and in the transmutation of the karma of lightbearers that can be taken in this hour.
  The Lords of Karma then, contemplating this prophecy and the accuracy thereof, bring to you the awareness (as Saint Germain has done and as Mother Mary does intimate) that self-assessment in the way of the Christ and the Buddha and the assessment of Earth conditions must bring you to some resolute conclusions regarding the usefulness and use of your life.
  My message is brief.  You may pen a letter to me or to any member of this board setting forth what you desire to do and your [intended] service, stating those conditions that burden you that you desire to be delivered of and what service you will render for that grace.  My ear is a listening ear this night and my voice is a voice that speaks in the silence of your soul.
Now be suspended in the sea of light.  Now feel yourself alone in the All.  Know yourself suspended in a sea of such light as almost to equate with the experience [you will have] one day of nirvana.  Know that from this sea of light you can reach out and touch each lightbearer lost in the sea of samsara and that in this manner I reach out and touch you who yet have ties to lesser vibrations that pull you down, further down into the illusions of that sea…..
  Even so I am your never-ending friend all the way to the heart of the aum.        
 (by R. Hawkins)
              -Kuan Yin:   2-14-1988 at San Francisco via Messenger E C Prophet
   Blessed ones, by whatever non-indoctrination of the true divine doctrine that has come upon this people by whatever false gurus have come into their midst, the people of this nation have allowed their leaders--often the power elite come again as fallen angels--to do what they would with the government, with health and medical services and departments, with the monetary system, with those things that ought not to have been placed in their hands; and it was not so conceived by Saint Germain and those whom he contacted at the birth of a nation.
  Therefore unbeknownst to you there have crept into your midst those ones who have actually corrupted life, whether in the guise of the medical profession or social services.  This does not blacken all those who seek selflessly to serve.  It takes only one betrayer in an institution or in a sector of the government to turn the best of intentions into darkness.
  This people must rise and monitor their public servants and agencies.  They must call them to task and challenge them in my name.  For you are in the earth and therefore you are the light of this world.  My light flowing through you with the same fierceness whereby I overturned the money-changers in the temple will do much to serve notice to these wolves in sheep’s clothing that occupy the state, local and federal governments that the people of this nation have had enough!       
                   -Jesus Christ:  2-19-1988 at Santa Barbara via Messenger E C Prophet
   Witness therefore Akbar of India, an incarnation of your beloved El Morya.  In this life he set the stage of universality in India that has endured to the very present hour; and as you study his life you will know that those who are of the first ray never shirk their responsibility to enter into the fray and to challenge the evildoers who decade by decade and generation by generation have a continuity of purpose, which is to enslave and imprison the children of the light in their institutions and in their organizations and controls….
  Blessed ones, I gave my teaching for the fulfillment of the light in those who were on a path of discipleship.  How can I call fallen angels to be my disciples, beloved, when they are the very ones who staged my mock trial and did crucify me?
Can you understand therefore that there is a teaching for the children of the light who must come and repent of their sins and be forgiven and walk on the path of their personal discipleship unto the light?  And [that] there is a message of the descent of the woes upon the seed of the wicked and the fallen ones who demand that the children of God serve them?
  And the children of God, not having the true shepherds because you have not claimed that shepherd’s crook from me, are therefore without true leaders, and they must therefore be subjected once again to the taskmasters who work them and live upon the fruit of their labors and build their empires and their money systems upon the very light and life-essence of my own…
  Tarry not and do not take for granted that by many years of study or by none you will so easily enter into the gates of heaven once again.  For every step must be fulfilled and that which has been sown must be reaped, and that by the sacred fire with all diligence.  I believe that the ascended hosts and our bands have made abundantly clear the options of the hour.      
  Therefore, beloved, I can tell you that our dictations and our discussions concerning these subjects will shortly be coming to a conclusion, and therefore the lightbearers of the Earth in the future will have to read these documents and will have to know that that which has been given has been given, what has been spoken has been spoken, what has been written has been written, and it must be used and it must be implemented for the further initiations to come….

  Therefore know that the sign and the Presence of Maitreya is the mystery school and the embodied Guru in the person of the Messenger who is qualified as of God--God working through her--to deliver to you those very initiations, those very disciplines and those very loving teachings whereby seeing the way clearly you can mount as the mountain goats and the bighorn sheep up high, high into the mountains, high along the spiral that is ascending to your I AM Presence.          
(by C. Sindelar)
                          -Jesus Christ:  2-28-1988 at Lisbon via Messenger E C Prophet

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