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In an age of great darkness it requires the sponsorship of the ascended masters

  America was chosen to be the example to the world in order that all nations might drink of the cup of freedom and liberty and cherish these gifts of spiritual longing fulfilled far more so than the ephemeral mists of the treasures of the world which appear for a moment and then are gone.  For there cometh to the earth seed-time and the time of cultivation.  There cometh also the time of harvest and the time of fulfillment thereof; and the cycles of life spell out to waiting hearts the God-command:  “Be thou free in thy season!”
  And therefore, ye who wait and watch longing for America to be delivered from the pains of this age, know that the power of light has already, before you have asked, prepared an ark of salvation in a spiritual refuge, in a spiritual concept, in a spiritual precept so that mankind need not fear; for the LORD God Himself has determined to give to all who ask in faith the fullness of the best gifts.
  These gifts are waiting, and I say to all of you who are here present:  Be still, O mortal mind, and know that I AM God.  Know that the I AM Presence within you is God the Deliverer, the Savior, the Eternal One, the Preceptor who is nigh unto all those who fear Him and call upon Him….There is indeed a spirit of false liberty that is adrift in the land today.  The youth of the world are the victims of this falsehood but they are also the victimizers, bringing to others, young and old alike, great distress of being and fear and trembling….
  You have a saying, gracious ones, that goes like this--“water off a duck’s back.”  Let me tell you that they have become so surfeited in mortal doings that they do not even feel the radiation and love of God.  They absorb it in an unthinking and an unfeeling state of consciousness, and the conditions are indeed deplorable when viewed from the level of mortality. …
  The Hierarchies of the Sun come forth and their proclamation is this:  that it is by the fires of the Holy Spirit and the all-consuming energy of your own I AM Presence that you will bring into manifestation the fulfillment of this fiery destiny.  Now therefore receive the assignment of the Lords of Karma, that assignment being to surrender a portion of misqualified energy into the flame that it might be transmuted, that you might have returned to you God’s energy purified to work the works of God on earth.
 The assignment from the Lords of Karma is to give the mantras and the invocations to the violet flame for the freeing of this nation, for the reestablish­ment of spirals of victory to move forward during this period of the Dark Cycle and to establish the initiation of another one-hundred-year cycle [from the date of the Bicentennial—July 4, 1976] wherein the initiations of Maitreya can be given, wherein the Teachings of the Mother can be proclaimed and the Mother’s children can come into the fountain of living flame and have their chakras nourished, their souls and hearts and minds nourished by the fires of living Love, of immortal Truth….
  So it is the destiny of America to fulfill the culture of the Divine Mother as science--a science that when applied liberates souls from drudgery and the toiling that became the karma of those who were expelled from the God consciousness of Eden.  And this is the technology of the Divine Mother--it must not be misused or abused.  It must become, with religion, the pillar in the temple of being so that by the binding of the individual to God as Father in Spirit through religion and the binding of the individual to Mother in Mater through science the aspects twofold of Spirit and matter may be fulfilled within the individual.
  The culture of the Mother is not to be despised. The championing of the individual God flame ought not to be misused through those who take advantage by greed of the system of capitalism and free enterprise.  These are to be bound by the action of the sacred fire of the Lords of Karma; for those who misuse the Spirit of the individuality of the God- flame are perverting the flow of abundance, the flow of the supply of God into the hands of the children of God.
  Let this nation then be restored to the divine economy and the divine principles of God-government.  Let the essence of these principles be drawn from the Source, the one source of the I AM THAT I AM, the true Lawgiver of each individual God-flame.  Let there be a restoration, a regeneration, a rejuvenation and a resurrection of Life in the four lower bodies of those who have chosen to be a free people!  And let this choosing be transferred to every nation.  Let the example be set and let it be transferred!
  I speak to all who love freedom in every nation on earth:  Fulfill the light of your karmic destiny!  Work to give forth the culture of the Mother in your nation!  Whether it be Mother Russia or Mother India or Mother China or Mother America, let it be that the souls of the children of the one Flame respond to the call of the Mother in their own tongue, in their own culture.  And let their cultures be purified by the flow of the flaming ones--sons and daughters of God ascended, cosmic beings who gather on Terra at the portals of consciousness to accelerate God-consciousness, to exalt those who would be exalted in the God-flame, to bring to pass the saying that is written “Death is swallowed up in victory.”…
  What will you do, O mankind who have made yourselves prey--fodder--for the manipulators?  You have believed the lie; and as it is written “your condemnation is just” because you will have made your own karma; as you say, you make your bed and you lie in it.  This is the story of karma; karma is the exercise of freewill.  I ask you now, have you exercised freewill or have you been manipulated?
  You do not exercise freewill until you know both sides of the story.  Did you know this side of the story before I spoke to you? …When you deny the Mother-flame you deny the Christ Child.  When you deny the Christ Child you deny your own salvation.  For salvation is through each and every one of these little ones who come to be admitted to raise up a golden-age civilization which can yet be born in this nation and throughout the nations of the world.  Now let the Keepers of the Flame be solemn in their consideration.     
        -Goddess of Liberty:  5-22-1966 at Colorado Springs via Messenger Mark Prophet
  Thus in order to gain the pearl of great price there is one requirement.  You must go and sell the human ego, the human consciousness.  Sell it to the sacred fire, put it to the torch, lay it upon the altar of God.  Having given all you shall receive all.  And if you give only in part your return must only be in part.  This is the Law, this is the prophecy, this is my message to you this day.         -Goddess of Liberty:  7-4-1974 at Spokane via Messenger E C Prophet   
  …a new nation conceived on the foundation of Hierarchy--thirteen states of consciousness ratifying discipleship, ratifying that here on this soil people shall be free and there shall be a government “of the people, by the people and for the people.”
  Stars and stripes of our cosmic consciousness!  The twelve Elohim--seven in outer manifestation, five in the whitefire core of the Great Central Sun--send forth the momentum of the twelve aspects of God-mastery that must be forged and won in America.  And out of the midst of the twelve Elohim is the manifestation of the Cosmic Christ, Lord Maitreya, the Coming Buddha.  And the Christed One forms the center of our mandala, and by the action of the Mother-flame we come to anchor this light among sons and daughters of freedom.
  This is why we have asked the question:  Are there sons and daughters on earth who will declare freedom, who will work for freedom, who will make any and every sacrifice for freedom?  For in these we will anchor the stars and stripes of our cosmic consciousness, in these Lord Maitreya will anchor the flame of initiation, and to these the Mother will come to minister unto their souls in the hour of the victory.      -Elohim Arcturus and Victoria:  7-1-1976 via Messenger E C Prophet at Wahington, D.C.
-ice sculpture at Harbin, China

  In an age of great darkness it requires the sponsorship of the ascended masters with their chelas to seal a lifestream in so great a light, so great a salvation, and to keep that one protected and in balance spiritually and physically midst the pressures of planetary darkness and of the fallen ones in their spacecraft who would hold this entire planetary body hostage to the darkness of death and hell….
  And I take this opportunity of freedom of assembly, of the press, of speech and religion to speak to you that you might remember that I have warned you that they have destroyed before.  They have destroyed vast continents and they have done so through the misuse of nuclear power.
  Blessed ones of the light, nothing can touch the son, the daughter of God who establishes firmly in his heart this relationship.  Go after your children and rebuke them when they go out of the way and worship the rock stars and become involved in alcohol and drugs and rock music.  For surely they have become polarized and aligned with the energies of the fallen ones through that beat.
  The danger has never been greater or less than it is in this hour.  There is no compromise.  It is the seed of the wicked who promote rock music and drugs on this earth to the destruction of the greatest of the lightbearers.         
                           -Saint Germain:  7-6-1985 at Camelot, Los Angeles
  So the whitefire, beloved!, so the whitefire is the fire of the creation.  All worlds are born through the whitefire yet not without the complement of divine Love.
  It is interesting that the flag of the United States (as well as the flags of many other nations) bears the white and the red.  So these “ribbons of interconnecting glory” in Old Glory, representing the thirteen original states, are a reminder to all initiates that the whitefire and ruby ray are the ultimate keys to their God-mastery.     
                                -Paul the Venetian:  6-26-1995


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