Tuesday, May 15, 2018

To Those Seeking the Bond of Hierarchy:

Palazzo Vilhena, Malta

To Those Seeking the Bond of Hierarchy:
     Man is drenched with emotional substance, he is drowned in self-pity.  His ordinances are established by a sense of separation from his fellowmen whom he often regards as but pawns in his personal schemes.  Thus he breaches the covenant of unity.
  Mastery is achieved by the emulation of cosmic principle.  All that betrays cosmic law betrays the individual.  The struggle that seemingly arises from man’s mishandling of karmic opportunity fosters the illusion of separation:  “man is separate from God, he must make good, he is success motivated therefore he creates his own standards of cosmic good”--ignoring the golden rule proven over the centuries as the true emancipator of embodied humanity….
  Although there is obviously a link between the lower self and the higher Self man is not willing to hold the hand of those who are nearby in the cosmic chain.  Out of earthly pride he seeks instead to bypass those whom he does not consider to be worthy links in the mystic circle….Why will men seek out of pride to escape their rightful place?  A moment’s acceptance often gives eternal liberation.  Yet men do not see their victories as composed of small stuff; obedience to the Law seems beneath them from time to time….
  The prisoner is often he who erects the walls, and the Spirit goeth free.  We live in an age of tyranny, an age that is devoid of higher understanding.  The cult of success judges all things by earthly standards, but our measurement and the commeasurement thereof is the degree of victory.  He who cannot conquer the self remains conquered by it; groveling upon the turn of an opinion he may find himself the arbiter of a fruitless destiny….
  The arrow of cosmic purpose flies majestically.  Serene ones follow it with their thought--their eyes are wary that the trajectory be perfect, that the mark of purpose be fulfilled.  The call to arms, the sounding of the trumpet, the knitting together of purpose is one act of winning the icon of attainment….Each bend of the road reveals new and valiant needs….
  May the valedictory message that conquers all be born in the crucible of thy being.                                   
                                             -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:39

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