Thursday, May 17, 2018

because he is able to fulfill personal desires through mechanical manipulation of various mental and even spiritual faculties

      Is it not true that He who can create the stars and put them in their appointed places, He who can bring forth a living soul, spread abroad the canopy of space and direct the velocity of time is certainly able to offer a better way of life to His creation than that being paraded before the youth as the darkening concepts of the Egyptian fleshpots, the pleasures of table and person and an endless panorama of war, poverty, struggle, loneliness and frustration for humanity?…
yet the attention of the people is so easily dissipated as the quotient of each one’s energy pattern is engaged in fruitless endeavors….
  Turn your backs upon the dark and evil of the past.  Long to see yourselves and others free in the divine plan fulfilled; so shall the brave light of a cosmic mother’s heart be instilled in many that the hand that rocks the cradle may be the hand that rules the world through the instilling of love and virtue and the guarding of the mind of the young from those destroyers whose hearts are hardened in self-love, calloused by thousands of inequities and stinging degradations.                    (by Ruth Hawkins)
               -Archeia Mary: Pearls of Wisdom 13:23

    By setting up a system of domination of self by self men sought to establish a personal oligarchy that would require help from no one, not even from God Himself….Those who are egotistical enough to believe these luciferian lies--which would have men bypass the hierarchical system of initiation and ignore God--may fall under their power, but they will never find the way to emancipation which comes only through Christ consciousness.  Mechanical apparatus can be triggered by known laws.  These laws can be taught and used to further the lie, and humanity can set up a catalytic form of environmental control….
  Should you care to read the scriptures carefully we refer you to a passage on the misuse of creative imagination that occurred in connection with the Tower of Babel.  “And the Lord said, Behold the people is one, and they have all one language, and this they begin to do:  and now nothing will be restrained from when which they have imagined to do.  Go to, let us go down and there confound their language that they may not understand one another’s speech” (Gen. 11:6).
  Today as of yore humanity, captured by a runaway imagination, do not understand the great creative Laws by which man functioning under the Deity is able is to work logically with God and to assist Hierarchy in doing that noble work which makes man a co-creator with God….
  While the vast cerebral network and cortex makes of the monad a miniature universe that seems to have autonomous control over his own world the real source of love, wisdom and power is the God Presence.  When universe energy is drawn by man and then qualified with the imprint of an altogether human or personal vibration it may elicit a response from others who are drawn by the strands of human sympathy.  Taking pride in the fact that they are able to place themselves in a similar vibration these evoke a form of compassion for the person which effectively denies the power of genuine compassion for universal purpose.
  Universal purpose radiates from the head through the entire network of consciousness.  There can be only one head to the body, and that head is the Universal Christ consciousness in which all share.  Simply because many among mankind have lost the art of communing with the Universal Christ does not in any way nullify the efficacy of Christ-power either in the world at large or in the world of the individual….
  Now in the matter of various systems of hypnotic control many among mankind who are familiar with these practices judge their merits solely on the basis of results.  This empirical assessment, while understandable, does not apply in the matter of Christ versus Antichrist….To suppose that one is successful simply because he is able to fulfill personal desires through mechanical manipulation of various mental and even spiritual faculties is a gross error that will eventually lead to the downfall of man’s recognition of and attainment with his God Presence and his Christ Self.  
  This breakdown in the great common bond of infinite love between Father and embodied son always results in a stultification in the design of life.  The individual may acquire all things of the world that he desires but he will be lacking in the great gifts of true God-happiness and oneness with the Eternal Creator through the Christ-consciousness.  Mechanical methods may be effective in brainwashing used in military and psychological warfare, but these have no place in the kingdom of God where man fulfills his destiny through his attainment with reality….

  In this day of apostasy when all manner of witchcraft and seductive apparatus would devour the soul, wise is the servant-son who keeps steadfastly on the path that leads to God consciousness.  All detours are but delays in attainment.  All delays increase frustration to the soul that longs for the glory it once knew with the Father before the world of form was.       -Leonora:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:34

      His is the expression of the divine banner unfurled from the mountains.  His is accomplishment, his is the splendor of being and the splendor of seeing.  A vision of the mountains brings to every man a sense of the greatness of himself, the greatness of the Eternal--these are one....
  When the Word of the Lord is declared unto him, saying "Thou danced with Me in the flame before the world was," he is given a prescience of being whereby he can identify with the beauty of that moment when he was held in the bosom of God....Vision is the key:  it ordains the reality of the Self.  Man lives no longer according to the concepts of a given epoch in time....
  As long as he thinks he is moving toward a perfection he will continue to strive, but when he knows that the perfection of God IS and that the outer expression is not but only seems to be he will recognize what is the splendor of reality, what is the splendor of initiation, what is the beauty of the perfection of the divine moment....It is to this God-realization, whether you understand me or understand me not, that I must dedicate myself....This is the splendor of initiation, this is the eternal now in the ever-presence of the temporary moment, this is every moment leading to the serenity of perfection.     
                                              Valiantly I AM  
                                               Maitreya          Pearls of Wisdom 13:40

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