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This is the moment when you planted your feet squarely

O Children of the Sun, Bask in the Radiance of Thy God!

   Self-imposed limitation bars man from effectively grasping cosmic principle and the dense him access to  the consciousness  of the ascended masters.  From the beginning the power of the Universal Spirit has sought to convey higher grace to all men….We stand ready and willing to shatter the forcefield of human delusion and to create in the consciousness of practical men and women of today an awareness of the divine mysteries that will open the door to new possibilities for everyone.  Long have men mocked the progressive revelations of science.  Is it any wonder then that the science of mind and of spirit should be lampooned by those who seem to derive personal satisfaction from imprisoning their cosmic-minded brothers and sisters in earthbound molds which they first created around themselves?…
  One of the easiest way by which individuals can attain spiritual power is to believe that this power exits.  I tell you that the power of mind and Spirit is limitless!  But I say withal that the Law demands circumscription of holy ideas and cosmic powers within a framework carefully constructed so as to avoid senseless clashes between those who are working for the same causes even though their personal philosophies may place them at opposite ends of the spectrum….
  I tell you truly that intricate ideas piled up in the memory body of humanity often become an oppressive weight which does not give wings to the hungry spirit yearning to soar….Those who construct house near the levees may be inundated when the time of flood comes.
  We are concerned that superstitions sheltered in the subconscious minds of spiritual devotees should come to an end.  I refer to the altogether human attitude of fatalism which holds a controlling power over the lives of many today….The acceptance of Christ-identity of every man by every man is the means whereby the forces of freedom can ever the cord that bind the souls of men….
  To this end the light of Christ, the light of the Eternal Sun first blazed into manifestation:  to annihilate darkness and to flood the mind and being of creation with hope.  Therefore in order to enhance the value of the light mankind must welcome into their heart the cosmic science, the application of Christ mind which the great Brotherhood of Light also acknowledge and expand so beautifully throughout nature.
  When you greet the morning Sun you may lovingly say “O mighty Presence of God I AM in and behind the Sun, I welcome Thy light which floods all the earth into my life, into my mind, into my spirit, into my soul.  Radiate and blaze forth Thy light!  Break the bonds of darkness and superstition!  I AM Thy child and each day I shall become more of Thy manifestation!”…
  Precious ones, if a problem cannot be solved momentarily you need not suppress it by shoving it into the subconscious mind where it will only fester and accumulate a mass of irritating energy that must one day be dealt with.  Instead take your problem upward to the heart of God where His great whitefire radiance is able to relieve your being not only of the problem but also of the possibility of future complications….
  Strive not then to be one whose sins will “follow after” but bring them “beforehand” (1Tim. 5:24) to the throne of the great intelligence of God in the heart of the Sun and in your own I AM Presence.  Call for the miracle transmutation of all problems in your world as they occur….
  God is no respecter of men’s persons, for all are equal in His eyes.  Even the weight of karma or the burden of ignorance and superstition need remain no barrier to men if they will but relinquish the false ideas they have held and see in the Universal Christ consciousness the perfect example of that which they may become.
  Man has always striven to be the doer, he has thought that his life was his own.  When he recognizes that it is God’s life that is flowing through him, that this life is charged with universal intelligence and that this intelligence doe not need to be told what to do but can be called upon to act then his struggle with life will become less and less and the efficacy of his invocations to the will of God will be increased a thousandfold….
  When the incoming tide of the great solar light pours into your world it is God conveying His grace and gifts to you.  When the tide goes out it is a time for you to convey to Him your gratitude and your desire to become a very eventual part of Him….Won’t you accept thee divine ideas from the heart of Helios?…Won’t you recognize as you respond to the warmth of the Sun and return to the Sun the radiance God sends forth that your life can become an inspiration to others?…
  Be not dismayed in the wane of cycles, for the pendulum will swing and once again the eternal love-tide will bring immortality, peace and joy to your hearts.  
           Lovingly I AM     Helios of the Sun   Pearls of Wisdom 13:29-30
    Gaze…upon the image of radiant reality that God still holds behind the veil--in Eden where the Tree of Life gleams grail-like through the trees, through mists, through all enshrouding manifestations,  But the angels of HIs Presence, the angels of Purpose must be wrestled with and the blessing secured, as did Jacob of old.  The Christ consciousness is the inheritance of the elect, but so long as men defile themselves with outer conditions, so long as they remain afraid of the Eternal so long shall they elect to fulfill loser purposes.  Only by a fearless dedication, only by a recognition of fearlessness’ flame can they be endowed with the electronic essence that will enable them to walk the earth as gods….
  Without the true religion of the Spirit they are but wandering stars (Heb. 13:8, Jude 13) to whom is reserved the mist of darkness forever….They must partake of that which God is.  This does not mean an end to themselves, it means the beginning of themselves.  For all that humanity have been is as nothing until the day that they become illumined as one body by the knowledge of the living Christ….

  We are not dealing then with a personality in the humanly accepted sense but with the Be-ness of every man which God foreordained from the foundation of the earth.  It was of this Be-ness that Christ spoke when he said “Before Abraham was, I AM.”  Through the mystical sense of his oneness with life man is transformed from a being of the earth, earthy to a being of the Spirit.     
                                                -Morya El: Pearls of Wisdom 13:19
   Some people do not remember to give attention to their I AM Presence daily for ten minutes and then to retain that attention on the I AM Presence throughout the day.  People ask me “How do you do this?”  Well, when you establish a very firm connection with Almighty God from the moment you awaken and you begin your meditation even when you are preparing yourself for your activity and you give your decrees it is like the background and the backdrop of your day.  Whatever else your attention may be engage in your attention is really always on God and everything else proceeds from that attention….that point of attainment and oneness---it is the anchor-point of your energy and your light.  It’s like taking all of the forces of one’s being and hanging them on the hook of God and seeing that all is in an upward motion and an upward movement….
  The serpent-force, Kundalini fire--this power is so hot as we might say, it is so intense when you carry it in the body that your forcefield then is diametrically opposed to every other vibration and condition on planet Earth which is basically functioning in the astral plane.  And those who derive their energy and their life from the very blood and light of the people of the Earth, who keep them enslaved to their habit patterns, do not want one single individual such as yourself to rise above that dimension and that plane.  And this is something you need to keep constantly before you.  You are a self-declared student of the ascended masters, you are a self-declared initiate of Serapis Bey (master of purity with focalpoint at Luxor on the etheric plane).  You have determined to make your ascension and reunite with God at the conclusion of this embodiment (or swiftly as possible).  Therefore you are target number one of the enemy of Christ within yourself, within friends and family, within people you love most and within the total mass consciousness of the planet as it has been defined and organized….
   And be sure that you understand what the chakra are for and what their tests are.  Now the balancing of the threefold flame (at heart) comes when you are able to use power without pride, without ambition, with the desire to manipulate people, to control people, to in any way rearrange the universe in your design rather than to the will of God….
  Discipleship is a path of self-mastery in becoming Christ….And so we might say that the initiation is conferred on your Christ Self who holds the light and energy of its fullness until you are able to receive it.  We only have a Messenger in embodiment so many years, so many decades.  The Great White Brotherhood wants these initiation on file, in print, on tape recording and anchored in the physical earth through our body so that this will be available to those who can pursue the same cycles in times to come….
  And that seed kernel idea will be a leaven and as all other parts of your being enter into the divine flow of mastery and the upward ascent back to God you will find that each idea that you have made your own and begun to practice and can feel the power of in your life will unloose other creative energies and potentials from your causal body and will contribute to the balance of the threefold flame….So let us understand that initiation is increase of light.  All light is power, all light is energy, all light contains all qualities of this causal body (storehouse of all good achieved by each one), but it is being broken down for us in the seven rays so that we can assimilate it bit by bit.             
                               -Messenger E C Prophet:  10-28-1984 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana
   Will you drink my flame of victory?  Will you quaff the elixir of life or will you pass that cup to another without drinking?  The choice is yours, for freewill has always been both the bane and beauty of man’s existence.  Yet without it the Law of Love could not have fulfilled itself or have given to man the great glory that he achieves through his conscious realization that he is a part of God.  He must attain the understanding and conscious intelligence of the all of God by his freewill through no force but through the freedom flame, through the victory flame, through the resurrection flame, through the purity flame and through the ascension flame….
 Think of yourself now as having a round, beautiful Sun-like body, not a starry body with two hands extended and two legs extended, but a spherical body of pure light, a disc of light that did descend from heaven’s height.  Think of yourself now as abiding in this beautiful disc of light, this solar radiance and feel that disc of light ascending toward the Great Central Sun as a shining golden radiant solar disc going back to the heart of God to be recharged with the golden radiance of the Great Central Sun, with the golden radiance of victory, with the pink flame of love.  Know that as you enter into the heart of Alpha and Omega in the Great Central Sun you will be given the comfort of your spiritual Father-Mother God and you will recognize that you have achieved and attained to a state of heavenly consciousness, eternal bliss and the pearl of great price.
  In the name of comic victory, in the name of the victory of God in all I humbly thank you one and all for this opportunity to speak to your hearts.       
                 -Mighty Victory:  12-31-1962 at Washington, D.C. via Messenger Mark Prophet
…  ……………………………………………………….......................................……
  Mankind is on a treadmill of pleasing the human consciousness.  Well I tell you, I for one know that you can never please the human consciousness so you might as well cease your struggle and have the consciousness of victory over every aspect of the human.  Merge with the God-flame and as Morya says “Let the chips fall where they may.”…
 Victory is a flame to be worn in the heart, on the brow and on your sleeve if you will.  Be not ashamed of the fires of victory; impart the joy of victory and remember the moment of our cosmic communion, for this is a moment you will cherish for all eternity.  This is the moment when you planted your feet squarely on Terra and declared “In the name of God I will have my victory in this life.  I AM victory, victory, victory!”  So will you make that proclamation?  (Audience affirms)  In the name of God I will have my victory in this life.  I AM victory, victory, victory!
  So be it.  That is the call that compels the answer.  My flame reinforces the fiat of your soul and is now a whirling golden fire, twining around your forcefield in the action of the braiding of light as the caduceus of Alpha and Omega.  So you stand in pillars of flaming victory, so come the legions.  Now will you say “In the name of the Christ I reinforce my victory by the legions of Victory”?  (Audience affirms)  In the name of the Christ I reinforce my victory by the legions of Victory.”
  So you have opened the door of consciousness:  the legions step through and you stand in the electronic Presence of the golden ones with their golden helmets; these are the hots of light.  You can stand in the aura of a legion of angels and of a member of a legion of angels in any moment, any hour of day or night, when you affirm and acclaim that you give yourself unto the hosts of light and that you consecrate your victory by Victory’s legions….
  How the planet will whirl at a new momentum and frequency of light.  See how you can increase the spin of the top—the top of Terra—by your consecration of Victory’s flame.  I come from out the Great Central Sun; I return to the heart of the flaming yod, I return to the Great Central Sun Magnet.  Think upon me and by the arc of love I will flow as a cosmic being who comes down over the arc on the sliding board of cosmos.  So I come down that slide into your heart’s chalice in the very moment you affirm by your determination to be victors bold your Christ-victory here and now.  Whenever you proclaim the victory of your inner vow I AM there, I AM here.  I AM in the Great Central Sun, I AM in the fiery core of Terra.  

  I AM the momentum of victory for the passing of the Mother-flame and the children of the Divine Mother through the dark cycle and beyond into the golden age of enlightenment and peace….Invictus, we are one!               
(by Saint-Gaudens)
                 -Mighty Victory:  3-27-1975 at Los Angeles via Messenger E C Prophet

-Confucius by Jack Fang, 1973, at San Jose, CA

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