Sunday, June 2, 2019

it is the eternal scheme that counts

     O the yearning in Our heart to see every one of you God-free and sealed in an ever-expanding globe of divine wisdom composed of ascended master light substance and the full power of the flame of divine illumination from the heart of God in the Great Central Sun!  To this end I bring you a very special message in this Pearl of God’s Wisdom.
  The most subtle and yet transcendent illusion is centered around individuality and the manifestation of each person in the universe as a distinct separate identity.  Blessed ones, I refer now to the grand illusion of separation.  Let me hasten to assure you that there is absolutely no separation in the universe whatsoever!  Let me hasten to assure you that of all delusions this is the most painful to unascended beings and the root cause of most all unhappiness!  Can you see therefore why the Darjeeling Council has given special attention to the clearing up of much misunderstanding about this matter?
  I shall go once again to the great World Teacher Jesus and refer to a statement he made during his Galilean embodiment previous to his ascension.  The one I am going to use is the statement he made which caused the largest number of his followers to actually forsake him and go back into their former way of life--for as he himself said “This is a hard saying”--and indeed it was at that time of theological evolution.  Even to the present day it has not been made clear to many people: “Unless ye eat my flesh and drink my blood, ye have no life in you” is the statement.  And its meaning shall be revealed here to all who have ears to hear and a heart to understand.  I shall make this in God’s name I AM in as simple a manner as possible so as to make it understandable to as many people as possible, for translation into as many languages as qualified teachers and chelas may wish to devote their time to and for release through any and all religious channels of the world who desire to expand that truth which sets men free from outworn concerns and human error.
  As men dwell within their physical body temples and look out upon the world with God’s consciousness they see through their eyes, hear with their ears and otherwise are made aware of the world through the sensory organs of their physical form--yet it is the inner being who is really made aware of all that is going on both within and without who interprets the sensations received and makes them intelligible to all.
  Mankind have often discussed “If a tree fell and no one were present to hear it fall--would there be any sound?”  Let us say, of course the reverberations of the tree striking the ground and disturbing the air would occur, but it would not be translated into sound as men know it unless an ear were there to cognize and screen these vibrations, making them aware of the crash of the falling object.  So it is the perceiving intelligence (the in-telling of God) which makes for orderly recognition of the many diverse manifestations of life.   
  Unquestionably there is a universal natural consciousness and intelligence in nature itself which interpenetrates the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms, coming in closest proximity to “self-awareness” in the animal world, but only in mankind attaining true semi-Self-awareness.
  Certainly the natural world could go on producing, the trees growing, the flowers blooming, the birds soaring and sub-human evolutions expressing, without anyone on earth being present to perceive it because that is cosmic Law, and never, never in all eternity would these material phases attain to a higher self-conscious evolution unless somehow raised and exalted by so-called human consciousness--which is but a link between the divine height and the natural world.
  Simply put, blessed ones, if God is light and love and can be thought of as a great blazing sun of eternal substance, then every electron is likewise a miniature blazing sun of eternal substance.  Inasmuch as the high intention of God is to bless all His creation with an endowment of the best of Himself which is all-intelligence and God-awareness it follows logically that just because a sun is larger in mass and an electron smaller in no way affects its quality status in the scheme of things.  The wonder of the entire universe is that God gave Himself--the cosmic universal Be-ness, the I AM of Life to the smallest electron so much so that whether located at the periphery of the universe or at the heart of that myriad creation of eternal Be-ness itself, the selfsame perceptions and cosmic honors are granted as ever-expanding opportunities.  These are offered to each electron to participate in a limitless expansion of God’s love, wisdom and intelligence by either choosing a voluntary anchored constancy in time and space or a cosmic “exchange program” whereby electrons flow in the interstellar scheme traveling here and there to assist in forming the many different manifestations of light.
  Beloved ones, there is in God’s consciousness which has an eternal outreach no sense of human limitation.  Human limitation is somewhat the result of human creation combined with the natural law governing expansion of individualized planetary manifestations.  Therefore a great key lies in understanding that there is never any separation anywhere in the universe!  God loves every part of Himself far too much--the cohesive power of God’s love is far too great--to ever permit any part of Himself to play a lesser role.  Therefore God-consciousness is a golden strand of Life’s eternal Christ consciousness flowing through the whole universe which makes certain that no one is ever separate from one another or from God even for an instant!  This is the meaning of Jesus’ statement “Unless you eat my flesh and drink of my blood you have no life in you”--for unless you partake of the same God-Life as he did and does and unless you derive your existence from the same conscious Source you have no life in you!  That you do, that you say I AM is self-evident proof.  Do you see?  You have being, you declare and say I AM—and therefore you are partakers of the common yet ever-exalted and exalting Life of God which is the inspiration, aspiration and consecration of every ascended being, angel or cosmic being!  You need never feel or be alone again if you will realize this.  The master key is awareness which rises above individualization to enfold and be enfolded in the divinity that the Father endows with the preciousness of eternal Existence.
  Whether you are awake or sleeping you must know then that you are always an eternal part of this great divinity.   You must see that the only danger to look out for is the human creation which can misuse the great creative energy of God and manufacture false standards, illusions, shadows and phantoms of unhappiness to obscure the great light which always is a golden lining behind every clouded earthly appearance.   To say to human creation “You have no power!” is ever so wise, for this tends to discharge and set free the electrons frozen in shadowed human enclosures; but the best way is not to build illusions to begin with--and that is why We have this study, this contact with the Darjeeling Council--so as to coordinate Our earthly endeavors for and on behalf of millions who do not even dream, as you blessed readers do, of the real state of things.
  They do not realize that life is already immortal--they yet look for immortality to be given them as a reward in some future state; they do not sense that they must claim it now in order to have and keep it nullifying the errors of past human thinking.  The shadow does not have a genuine reality of its own--it simply blocks the penetration of the light, being composed of densified misqualified light substance itself.  That great cosmic masters exist, that these beings once lived upon earth in bodies such as mankind now wear seems to many a myth or fairy tale which they look upon askance—yet truth, blessed ones, in one sense, can be said to be stranger than fiction indeed!
  The life you use is the life you are.   To say I AM is to be I AM!   The true holy communion or sacred eucharist is given in this Pearl.  Beloved Jesus’ declaration concerning his flesh and blood showed the common blessing of the mass itself!  For even the sacred mass or eucharist, supposed by the church to contain the living body and blood of Christ, is living symbolism:  the mass of eternal substance is God-creation.  Composed of eternal light, fashioned by cosmic intelligence, it represents every electron, every atom, every portion of the eternal substance whether material, spiritual or mental vibration!  It represents the total mass of God-Being, the full power of the I AM, which in the sacred rite of the ascension mankind automatically enters into.  To daily ascend in thought into a sense of universal oneness is to do as Jesus did and as every ascended master has done--“In remembrance of me” is to acknowledge God and to imbibe consciously at the Lord’s table!
  Blessed ones, why must you ever feel jealous of one another?  Under divine wisdom if a portion of the eternal substance be used to form the heart of your body and another portion the head, are not all serving in beautiful harmony in order to maintain your physical form in perfect health and awareness so that the beauty of the universe can be manifest to you and through you?   All are destined to mastery!
  In a city where a king ruled but one could be king at a given time, yet in a universe of light each photon, each electron would cosmically know that it is the eternal scheme that counts--for the Head of this eternal scheme who has an eye upon the sparrow has an eye upon thee!
  My brothers upon earth, never be lonely again, never be proud with human pride--never be cast down.  Learn the way of the ascended masters, and the eternal opulence of heaven shall be your legacy forever!  You do not even need to shed your physical forms in order to realize this; you can make your ascension from the bodies you now wear regardless of how much karma you may have if you are willing to accept the pressure of the light, the purification of the violet fire and the infinite truth that you are a divine being!  Then call for and accept God’s perfect plan for your eternal freedom!  There is no need to curtail joy and happiness in your life when you see so clearly that God is your joy and happiness!  That the true Christ-mass is your daily salvation and that to drink into it daily is to partake as Jesus did of eternal love, eternal life, eternal wisdom and the immortal power of God which keeps you automatically in touch with that universal Life which as you assimilate it floods you with the full sense of God’s eternal being, strength, fire and flame to consume and transmute all lesser misqualified substance until you are at last free to know, to dare to do and to be consciously one with the heart of the great, great Silence which never, never, never fails--is never separate, is ever joyously, everlastingly aware of its true Self which I AM!

  The joy we share is Joy to the World every hour!    Lovingly, Djwal Kul     Pearls of Wisdom 4:4

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