Sunday, June 9, 2019

I am bringing forth this instruction for the purpose of contacting new students

  Consider however, beloved ones, what would happen if you were placed in a symphony orchestra and were asked to play an instrument which you had never played before.  If you were expected to play in perfect harmony with that orchestra you would find it impossible to do so.  If you were permitted to remain there it would be by the grace of the conductor and you would be expected to practice until you had entered into a state of harmony with the whole rather than expecting the whole to reduce its operation to your own quotient of understanding.
  I am bringing forth this instruction for the purpose of contacting new students that are being drawn to Hierarchy through the Summit Lighthouse as well as for the enlightenment of those who through the years have doubted at various times the efficacy of decrees.
  Let me say here for now and all time to come preceding the full manifetation of the golden age that decree will alway remain as a simple and effective method of obtaining great grace from God, assisting in the unwinding of spirals of negation from the human psyche, in the freeing of mankind from the effects of all inept weavings and in the permanent establishment of a feeling of harmony within each lifestream.
  There are no words to adequately describe the wonderful feeling of peace, elation, freedom and bliss which are conferred upon advanced students who have mastered the technique of giving decrees.  Therefore I, Maitreya, desire to inspire all chelas of the Great Ones with a mighty hope concerning your future.  If you will give your decrees not only rhythmically but properly you will then be laying up for yourselves treasures in heaven and making it possible for millions among mankind caught in the riptides of cruel emotions and discordant feelings to escape and find their freedom. 

  With quickened pulse and high hope these as escapees across the Berlin Wall will at last find the longings of their souls satisfied because of the precious offerings of your own heart.  Undoubtedly some by reason of ignorance will disagree with the precepts of the Most High God--and thus certainly with my teaching,  yet I do not choose to address myself to those unwilling to be taught.        
 -Lord Maitreya:  The Overcoming of Fear through Decrees, Summit Lighthouse, Inc., Colorado Springs, 1-1-1969      

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