Wednesday, February 10, 2016

You must begin with the stone which the builders rejected

Cascade hillock
-HalfDome, Yosemite, in Above Yosemite by R. Cameron, 1983

    Blessed hearts, is it not a state of gross illusion when the invocations are given to create a walled-in life?...You must begin with the stone which the builders rejected; you must begin with the stone of your own Christ you not understand that you must succeed in the initiations of the Mother-light as the very base of the building of the pyramid?...
   And your own Christ Self will not allow you to erect the sides of the pyramid until you have built a firm foundation in this white light.  The white light of Alpha and Omega--as Guru and chelas, as Sanat Kumara and the buddhas and bodhisattvas--is truly the whitefire core of every is the holy family out of which the light descends.  It is the true understanding of that holy family that I bring and the responisibility of every member thereof to keep his vibration at the point of one of the four cosmic forces.  Then and only then can the family endure.         -Lord Ling:  12-28-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles

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