Friday, February 12, 2016

Hail, beloved friends of the heart of God!

HalfDome, in Above Yosemite by R. Cameron, 1983


         Hail, beloved friends of the heart of God!  Hail, O glorious golden wreath of Cosmic Victory, descend now to earth I pray and be a crown upon the head of all who love the presence of immortality, all who revere the sacred flame, the solar breath, the inner radiance of the name of God….
I tell you, beloved ones, it is chronicled in the human heart that mankind has cringed before the death brought upon them by the mortality of their limited concepts; they cringe in fear, and nothing on earth is more destructive than the concepts of death and finality that man has come to accept in his world….
Do you not see how the victory flame within life sustains the learning processes whereby men are able to master their environment as well as the energy passing through their form?  Victory is attained by seizing the hand of your Mighty I AM Presence and commanding those conditions that are not a part of your victory be permanently eliminated from your world.  Your victory is won in the acceptance of your real identity and the willingness to be molded by the spiritual God-flame that surrounds you with the pressure of its victorious acceptance of life.  What do you think the difference is between the ascended masters and yourselves, beloved ones, insofar as the Mighty I AM Presence is concerned?  It is merely a matter of the outer conditions acting.  Ascended beings do not have outer conditions acting, for they have mastered those conditions and they have become the victory of the Mighty I AM Presence.
Beloved ones, you have but to lay aside the so-called sin and the weight that does beset you, those conditions of unhappiness that are densifying, stultifying and distressing.  Permit then the great powers of the continents of the air, the glorious radiance of the Christ, the blessed and potent wind of the Holy Spirit to descend through your physical form and to buoy you up until you reach the solar fires.  And when you reach the solar fires you will find that human conditions will drip from you as wax….
You are Victory’s children because as I speak to you I am completely immersed in the sense that I AM God, that the I AM in me is God.  Therefore you are my children and I AM your brother of light bringing you the flame of your own Cosmic Victory, causing that flame to rise within your heart, to pulsate above your forehead, to extend itself as a tangible unfed flame reaching into the golden heavens of illumination and drawing down therefrom the secret wisdom of God that will enable you to control the atoms of your body by the divine intelligence that gave them birth and design and form.  Beloved ones, I tell you in the outer world you would never be able to perform the service to cause each electron, each cell, each molecule, each organ of your body to function according to its God design until you were able to raise that body in the victory of the resurrection, the victory of the transfiguration or the victory of the ascension….
This pageantry of the fulfillment of the divine plan is a glorious and wonderful experience whereby his own Mighty I AM Presence, active as the Father-principle of all life, places His loving arms around man’s head and neck and crowns him with a wreath of victory.  Then He places a golden chain upon his neck and declares to him “Thou art my beloved son.  This day have I begotten thee.”…
I am come tonight therefore from our planet, Venus, to bring you the greetings of the Seven Holy Kumaras and the beloved Lady Master Venus who salutes you by blazing the pink star-radiance of her love through this forcefield and through the individual forcefields of each one so that you may have the power of her love as a beautiful pathway, a stairway, a ray of light, a radiant path beaming through the heavens, blessing you with the fullness of her love.  Feel that love now as it pours out to you.  Accept it as the gift of the twin sister planet, beloved Hesper/beloved Venus, radiating to Terra/to Virgo/to Earth in the holy name of God.  Ladies and gentlemen, will you please be seated.
Man in his emotional body, man in his mental body has yet to master the victorious principles of eternal stillness and peace.  Those of you familiar with the principles of aerodynamics prior to the jet age are aware of how the pitch of a propeller could be altered.  You are aware that with the changing of the pitch, the tone of the propeller was also changed.  Well, beloved ones, that aerodynamic principle is important in explaining the mechanics of the ascension.  For when men make their ascension in the light an alteration occurs within the forcefield and magnetic circuit of completion surrounding the auric shell of their physical form.  And this alteration causes the atomic, spiritual and electronic radiation of their forms to be stepped up as though someone controlled a lever and had begun to move that lever from the left to the right….
Beloved ones, I know that you will recognize as I intensify my light energy that an ascended being, that a spiritual cosmic being can speak to you and can step up the radiation of mankind to assist them in the attainment of their own Christ victory.                    -Mighty Victory:  12-31-1962 via Messenger Mark Prophet
Understand then that the influencing of the will of God is upon you when you affirm, when you sacrifice, when you serve, when you employ the freedom that is God-given to increase light where you are.  Then there is a rushing--a rushing of water and wind and elements of alchemy, even from the heart of Saint Germain and Jesus Christ and of my own God-flame!  Then there can be light increasing in the earth and then there can be the action of the separating out....
And therefore you will work and the Father will work.  And your work will not be the work of mechanization man, frantically trying to enter into the kingdom but never entering in.  Thus it is better not to try when your trying becomes so trying that you end in crying and nevermore understand the true God consciousness that eliminates all self-pity and rises into the glory of the com­passion of the Lord!         -Lord Ling:  12-28-1980 at Camelot, Los Angeles

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