Tuesday, December 8, 2015

the entire world is built upon the Cain civilization

Go out and ignite this world before there is nothing left to ignite!...Know that what you see and hear of the doings of the world is but the tip of the iceberg.  And as I have commented to the Messenger this very week, the entire world is built upon the Cain civilization.  Taking the lead of Cain it has espoused the ethic "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" and has denied the individual’s responsibility to be his brother’s keeper. 
Cain, who denied his God and slew his brother, Abel, changed the course of civilization and set the standards of morality at such a low that it was--and still is at the end of this twentieth century--possible to literally commit murder and get away with it.  Yes, the Cain-civilization mentality is still upon us!             --Morya:  10-8-1995 at RTR, Montana
golden dagger with lapis lazuli handle and sheath--Ur Royal Cemetery, ~2665 B.C.
golden bowl--Ur Royal Cemetery, ~2640 B.C.
  dolerite statue, from Tello?, ~2275 B.C.; woman--Royal Cemetery at Ur, ~2665 B.C.
stone duck, Ur, ~2210 B.C.
alabaster head from Zimrilim palace at Mari, ~1950 B.C.
Hammurabi Code detail, basalt, ~1910 B.C.      These images are shown in Strommenger:  Art of Mesopotamia, trans. Haggling, Abrams, NY, 1964
Mt. Shasta from the west, this a.m.

citrine around a quartz center

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