Tuesday, November 17, 2015

zeroing out something; And what is the purpose of this spiritual alchemy?

Introduce the violet flame and see how people begin to unfold their arms, to relax, to rejoice, to love one another, to be able to retain the principle of the whitefire of the inner flame--the lily sealed in the very heart of this magnificent purple-violet-pink flame flower....
Those who fear the consequences of anyone's exercise of freewill do not understand the Law....Trust in the Law and the Lawgiver will allow each one to play his part and to play out his very inner self.  Each man is a living tree....Thus Christ-discrimination is learned through the exercise of freewill and the law of karma which becomes the tutor of every living soul.    -Zarathustra:  3-29-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles
Now mathematically the violet flame is the zero....In this case your zero is very important because we're talking about the whole complex of rainbow colors when you come up through the rainbow rays to the seventh, continuing beyond the physical spectrum to the ninth you get into the beautiful gradations of purples and violets.  The violet flame is the alchemist's power of the three times three and is used by the adepts in all alchemical experiments.  And this you must study under the Master Saint Germain himself.  And what is the purpose of this spiritual alchemy?  It is the zeroing of the computer, putting it back to zero when the nonproductive programs of the human consciousness are seized and bound by violet flame angels in order that they may be erased....
(The violet flame) zeroes in and reduces your miscreations to zero so you can start multiplying true sums of light all over again.    -Mark and E C Prophet:  Lost Teachings of Jesus, 1, 1994, pp. 73-4


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