Friday, November 27, 2015

photo set

~10,000 B.C. at Giza

-Mai and Urel, limestone relief detail, ~1375 B.C.

at Paestum, Italy ~550 B.C.

-Exekias:  Dionysus in Boat, 540 B.C.

-Praxitiles:  Hermes, Roman copy

-Apollo at Veii near Rome, terra-cotta, ~510 B.C.

-Epidarus theater, ~350 B.C.

-Pythokritos of Rhodes:  Nike of Samothrace, ~195 B.C.

-Hagia Sophia, Istanbul

-Notre Dame, ~1200 A.D.

-Donatello:  St. Mark at Or San Michele, Florence ~1415
-Donatello:  St. George at Or San Michele, Florence ~1415

-Rembrandt:  Philistines putting out the eye of Samson, 1636

-Georges de la Tour:  Joseph the Carpenter, ~1645

-Vermeer:  Woman holding a balance, ~1664

-Hardouin-Mansart, Lebrun and Coysevox:  Versailles Hall of Mirrors, ~1650

-Sibyl Temple at Pulawy, Poland, early 19th century

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