Friday, September 11, 2015

Worlds have been turned by the fallen ones until they are in direct opposition to the original manifestation

   Worlds have been turned by the fallen ones until they are in direct opposition to the original manifestation of the living Word.  From out the heart of the Creator the Word is manifest, and that Word does now reestablish the inner blueprint of the will of God for everyone.  Out of that will is born the wisdom to know the Self as God.  And in knowing the Self as God is born the gift of love.
   Therefore as we descend into the heart of the Earth--that is, as we accelerate our nonphysical matrix into the physical matrix the auric emanation of the planetary body quivers in the bow of the Great Archer.  And there is a trembling as there is the inner adjustment.  And there is a profound turning over of worlds as the pockets of consciousness are self-emptied by the living flame of love--of all that opposes this divinity manifest within you.
    Realize that the opposition to the hierarchy of Scorpio--as blindness and absence of spiritual vision--is a self-centeredness that eclipses the light of the sun of the I AM Presence.  Some are more aware of the self and all of its extremes or extremities than they are aware of the the I AM Presence.  Therefore let the great sun of light descend.  Let it expel from the ego-centered consciousness that lesser self that has assumed the seat of authority where only the Christ Self may dwell.  In the fullness of joy let there be an elimination of the vagaries of alienation!  For alienation is the original separation of man from God through fear, through doubt--fear in the existence of God leading to self-doubt and thereby doubt in his own existence.
    The self-importance of the humanness must be revealed as that which does deter the soul from the grandeur and the nobility of true being.  Perfect love then must be in the clear-seeing of the One Universal Self, at once in us all, there that point of light to be adored, to be expanded for the creation of worlds!...
     How the apostle sent forth the warning!  How the living Christ Jesus sent forth the warning!--that to be in the vanguard of light demands the joyous overcoming of the discipline of love.  O courageous ones, I draw you now into the very heart of hearts of the secret rays.  For this is where the love fire leads!     -Elohim Heros and Amora:  1-1-1982 at Camelot, Los Angeles

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