Thursday, September 10, 2015

photos; partial solar eclipse

-a cinder-cone near Shasta


-treetop bird this a.m. Shasta area

partial solar eclipse--79% eclipsed over Antarctica, while Cape Town S. Africa at 30% eclipse--a bit after sunrise September 13 in that part of world, which is 9-12-2015 at ~11:54 p.m. PDT.  Sun  makes an inconjunct (150 degrees) angle to Uranus.
The children of God are all too trusting, and theirs is often a misplaced trust given unto the ones who pose as angels of light. They see not beyond the mask of a performed pleasantness the treachery of armed hordes, so jealous of the bliss of the innocent children of God who have never lost their innermost intimate communion with the Lord Christ and his Holy Spirit.
Now we see coming over the hillsides of the world not the vision of the hosts of the Lord but of a plague of locusts.  From the astral to the physical plane there mounts a tide of astral armies pitted against the Defender of the Faith, Archangel Michael. One by one the opponents of the seven archangels make their entrance upon the stage of life in the very hour when the Great Deliverer comes for the defense of the Woman and her seed. 
That seed, as sons and daughters of God in embodiment, must realize that all and everything for which the hosts of Archangel Michael stand--goodwill and faith, God-government and the strength to be in God inviolate--is challenged by those who have already sworn their enmity not only with the World Mother but also with the Lord Christ to whom she gives birth and the legions of angels that form the retinue of protection to the children of God....
We see the standard-bearers of the age, such as Solzhenitsyn and other proponents of truth, mocked by those who have mocked the lightbearers since the very incarnation of the Word on Lemuria and Atlantis....
Thus the defense of justice and the standard of the Christ consciousness must be pursued on behalf of all, no matter what their position and irrespective of their alignment with cosmic law.
The fallen ones have projected their plan for terror, anarchy, and confusion in America based on doubt and fear and an overwhelming laxity in those necessary protective agencies--the armed forces, the police, the FBI, and the CIA. The protection of a nation, its people and its freedom must be entrusted to individuals who will bear the sacred trust with honor, dignity and love....
And what are these strategies (of anarchy)?  From the perspective of an archangel they are very obvious:
To divide and conquer the children of light through rivalries of personality and the segmenting of the population along the line of relative truth and error and right- and left-wing positionings in politics, economics and matters of faith and morals; then to engender hostilities in the mass mind through anxiety and an amazing absence of the awareness of the presence of God in the very midst of the fast paces of modern life; then to generate, through pent-up emotions and commercialized violence, a frenzied fanaticism outcropping in international terrorism...or in the sudden crazed unleashing of subconscious hatred....
From the inner planes we the archangels see the danger and sound the warning.  The strategy is one of anarchy....This philosophy, which has become dignified as a political theory declaring any form of government to be undesirable and unnecessary, comes sugarcoated with such euphemisms as “voluntary cooperation” and “the free association of individuals and groups.”
Thus to justify their relentless determination to destroy the order of hierarchy of Christ and his apostles and of an established path of initiation through levels of government spanning the Spirit/matter cosmos and entrusted to enlightened sons and daughters of God, the fallen ones use a principle of freedom and freewill to overthrow the very one, the Lord God Himself who is the giver of that gift of freedom and who through His only begotten Son, the Christ in all, instructs His offspring in the responsible use of the gift of freewill.
The counterpart of this strategy is to infiltrate the governments of the nations with irresponsible elements, the seed of the wicked themselves, and then to hold up the very corruption which their own members have created as the justifiable grounds for the overthrow of the entire system itself.       -Archangel Gabriel:  Pearls of Wisdom 21:51
The-destruction-of-the-North-Tower-WTC tower blowing up 14 years ago
 by Sindelar   Gabriel & Mohammed


At March 9, 2009, as sent out from the RTR, the 24 member Council of Elders of the Summit Lighthouse are comprised of these: 
Sidney Bennett, Lois Drake, David Drye, Rose Gadigian, Kate Gordon, Hertha Lund, Tina Stori, David Kravitz, Neroli Duffy, Peter Duffy, Bonita Frazier, Carla Healy [but these are the chelas’ broad representatives??, not the Executive Board of 8!!], Timothy Kingston, Paul Kyei, Stephen Macchio, Frances MacPherson, Scott McBride, Kathleen Moorcroft, Julie Pollard, Eleanor Rosenzweig, Gilberto de los Santos, Jaspar Soni, Jon Springer, Gene Vosseler.
  Now suppose it takes two-thirds of the 24 member Council of Elders--that would be 16 members–to remove by vote an Executive Board member.  With 8 Executive Board members on the 24 member Council of Elders, this vote of 16 to remove looks like it would be up against a united block.  Perhaps there is a reason why 8 serve on both of these RTR groups.  Did you know that in the 1980s Morya directed Mother to create a broadly representative of chelas Council of Elders, yes, with Krister and Francis coordinating between that body and Mother?        -r, mt. shasta

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