Wednesday, May 29, 2019

to enlarge our concept of unity that outreaches to serve the God-harmony of a universe

   If the outer world lies in shambles, is it a reflection of the inner world?  What is the limit of individual responsibility?…Men should learn to direct the buoyant spatial energies so that the Christ consciousness may gleam in every square inch of manifestation.  If the task seems Herculean, if it seems beyond your capacity to do, remember that only form is circumscribed, the Spirit reaches everywhere.
  Fortunately the two-edged sword has kept the way of the Tree of Life; the spatial Edens exist as cathedrals of hope.  Only the lowered borders of the mind have succumbed to become nests of darkness….
  Everywhere the snares have been laid; and some because of advanced physical years regard the span of limited self-concern as precluding the possibility of their extending help to the youth of the world.  How often We have seen the vapid nets of karmic pasts drop over individuals to obscure from them the best possibilities….
  The time has come when we should sharpen our wits, determine that we shall not fight one another but seek the glory radiant in the heart of the elect.  Is this glory not one?  How can it then be divided against itself?  Who are the dividers of men, they who seek to conquer for Satan?…
  You do not need to go without to find that which is within.  The mechanical systems of mental control with their hypnotic rhythms are not the key Christ used to walk upon the water and to raise the dead.  The magicians of Egypt may cast down their rods; they may say “We do the same thing by the same methods” (Exod. 7:12)   But the rod of Aaron, the rod of Christ will swallow them up….

  Tenderly God has placed His holy wisdom to permeate the universe, to exist side by side with His holy will; His will is the key that unravels the Law….Let us begin with the monad of self and feel no need to enlarge that monad but only to enlarge our concept of unity that outreaches to serve the God-harmony of a universe.  And now our work is here upon Terra; and the children of men must be taught to find their deliverance from the darkness they have fashioned with their hands, with their minds, with their shortsightedness.  His will is the panacea.          Pearls of Wisdom 13:31
                                                   -Morya:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:31

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