Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Pain, beloved, is necessary for one and only one purpose.

chart of the Presence

1)    It is very important that we consider the true mystery of Good Friday, that we understand the meaning of this public demonstration of the Son of God.  It must have been very, very important for Jesus to pass through these experiences publicly--not alone that he would bear the sins of the world or save our souls by carrying that burden, but the greater and more important lesson is the revelation of the personal Christ.
  When Jesus cried with a loud voice and gave up the ghost it is written, "the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom."  The veil of the temple divided the Holy of Holies of the high priest from the next level of the ordinary priest and then the people. 
  It was the chief priests--who finally had become the fallen angels in embodiment, edging themselves in positions of power among the Jews--that crucified Christ.  They did not crucify Jesus, they crucified the Christ.  And therefore in the moment when their murderous intent became physical and he gave up the ghost and death was upon him the veil in the temple was rent, therefore revealing the Holy of Holies as the place where Christ the Lord himself officiates as the High Priest in the temple of man.  The crucifixion of Christ is for the judgment of all those who occupy the position of the authority of Christ and yet exercise it not as the Christ but as the Antichrist.
  The meaning of the crucifixion is the revelation that Christ is every man's real Self and that if that real Self is to be (and be the one with whom the soul unites), that one must pass through this hour of the crucifixion.
  Their intent is to kill the Christ, not the man.  They recognize his power to be the eternal Christ in him.  It is the Son of God in Jesus and in us all who experiences the crucifixion.  And our souls experience this in the hour when by the path of initiation we are truly one in that Christ.  Thus the soul of Jesus, the Son of man, was one with that Christ; and therefore effectively it was the integrated personality in God who was crucified.
  These very same fallen angels had denied him before God in heaven, they had been cast down to earth by the Lord's judgment effected by Michael the Archangel, or else they had left the exalted spheres by their own path of lust to come in unto the daughters of men.  One way or the other they were put out of heaven because they desired not and loved not the pure Person of the living Christ.  By the denial of Christ in heaven there was the denial of the Christ in themselves.  And so they lost the first estate of their offices in the angelic hierarchy, came to Earth, became the princes and kings, high priests and chiefs, the lawyers, the judges of the people.  They usurped the authority of the Christ on arth.  They moved upon evolutions ill-prepared to deal with those who had existed in heaven for thousands of years amassing the power of God, before their betrayal.
  Thus Jesus the Son of God also descended out of heaven with the full power and greater of any of the angels--for it would take one greater than the greatest of all the angels to demonstrate this victory of eternal Life before the multitudes who could scarcely understand with what they were dealing.  The same multitudes who proclaimed him on Palm Sunday, this Sunday last--who received him with palms and laid their cloaks beneath his feet that he might pass, gave glory and praise to him--now, under the magnetism and the influence of these fallen angels, could cry out for Barabbas to be freed and demand that that same one be crucified.  This shows a stronger mind, a stronger will, a stronger power than the people had.  On the one hand, Jesus had the great power to heal them, to teach them.  And when they were in the circle of the Good Shepherd they were able to endure in his light.  But when they came under the dark auras of the fallen ones they immediately, almost like chameleons, took upon themselves their auras and were poisoned by their lies and accusations.
  Pilate himself was not fooled, for he was one also.  He had the knowledge of heaven and earth.  He was a fallen angel who could have gained himself a great good karma.  He could have spared Jesus in defiance of the people and the priests--but he was a politician.  He was concerned about the opinions of the people especially.  And so he did the will of the people but knew full well that it was because of the envy of the high priest and the Pharisees, their envy of Jesus' power, that they desired to put him to death.  But more than this, they knew that the Christ in him had the power to judge them before Almighty God.  And it was for this power of judgment that the hatred of the chief priests was upon Jesus, for no one had ever dared challenge their hierarchy, no one had ever dared accuse them, no one had ever called them sons of the devil and denied that they were sons of Abraham—no one but Jesus.
  He said it to them publicly.  He challenged their entire position, and therefore they feared greatly--and they feared the people also.  They would not go against the will of the people.  They therefore had first to brainwash the people against him with their lies, their accusations, their disinformation.
  The very same crucifixion occurs today as disinformation concerning the United States of America and her servants is put abroad by the KGB who come again to tear down that Christ before it is born, before it is able to rise up, before the people of this nation manifest that Christ identity and stand indeed to judge them.  For the Christ in all of us is come to judge the Antichrist, first and foremost in our own temple as the carnal mind--the specious, reasoning mind--and then finally as the fallen ones in society.  This magnificent teaching on the position of Jesus the Christ gives to us the understanding and the formula of what we must pass through.
  Jesus was nailed to the cross on the three o'clock line.  As we chart this on our cosmic clock we realize it is the line of identity, the line where the Son of God declares "Lo, I AM!"  Astrologically, it is the sign of Aries.  It is the point on the evolutionary spiral where you realize yourself as the Son of God.  Thus he was crucified on the line of the divine Ego by the human ego--six hours upon that cross.  You will notice that their desire to give him wine mingled with myrrh was to ease his pain, to drug him so that he would not experience the great pain.  But he received it not.
  Sometimes people ask me whether Christians should accept deliverance from their final crucifixion in terminal cases of illness.  Everyone must make his own decision.  Jesus desired to experience with his full faculties all of the crucifixion.  He did not desire to be drugged and therefore be deprived of the moment of transmutation of pain.  Ultimate pain transmuted becomes the ultimate bliss of the Son of God.
  Thus the Christ is given the help of Simon the Cyrenian; and therefore we realize that Jesus accepts helpers in the bearing of the burden of the cross of world karma.  We may bear one another's burden on the way, the fourteen stations of the cross to that crucifixion, but at the place of the fastening of the heart to that mighty cross we go alone.
  It is very interesting to see that when the chips are down, when the Son of God is so belittled all of those who dared not speak against him when he was in the temple will come to wag their heads and to berail him, especially when they can group themselves in numbers.  For in actuality they always fear the Anointed One but somehow are encouraged in their numbers to get back at him.
  Why?  Only because he would not share his light with them.  He would not give the light of the Christ to those who had not lawfully earned it by discipleship, those who had not a chalice reflecting their loyalty to the Godhead--their loyalty to the Father and to the Son, to the heavenly Hierarchy--to the Elohim and to the mighty archangels.
  And so they all have their chance to get in their digs--even both thieves, one on either side.  It is very interesting that Mark's account states that both of those thieves spoke out against him. They reviled him.  Luke's account says that one reviled him and the other asked "Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom."  And it is said that Jesus said "This day shalt thou be with me in paradise.”  But this is not Mark's account.  Matthew agrees with Mark; and John is silent.  I think it is important to realize that at the sixth hour darkness covered the whole land. The sixth hour is the point of the soul's identification with the Mother-flame.  It is the counterpart of the Father.
  We realize that Jesus was the great devotee of God as Mother, although this is not entirely reflected in scripture it is true.  Because the Word itself, the Word which he incarnated, is actually the feminine principle of the Godhead which is the power of creation--the shakti.  Jesus was the Word incarnate.
  In order to become the Son of God you must embody that Mother-flame.  In the absence of this Son (Sun) shining, in the absence of his consciousness firmly anchored in the physical, the physical was in total darkness.  The feminine part of each of us, the soul, was in blackness; for Jesus in fact held the Mother-flame and kept the vigil for our souls' God-mastery.  So the Mother was eclipsed.  And we realize that the crucifixion of Christ is ultimately the hatred against the Mother, for the Mother is the source of that birth of the Son, and the Son always embodies the Mother-flame.  In other words the Buddha is Buddha because he embodies the Mother-flame.  The Christ is Christ because he has internalized the Mother-flame and externalized it.  All mastery of the matter plane by the individual signifies the quality and the quantity of the Mother-flame that we have taken to ourselves.
  The ninth hour is the hour when Jesus experiences the dark night of the Spirit.  This is why we keep the vigil of the threefold flame on Good Friday.  In that ninth hour was the snapping of the crystal cord.  This we know is ultimately the cause and the reason for physical death.  The initiation is given to the Christ incarnate to sustain life, to sustain light in the soul in this octave, not having the tie to the I AM Presence.  Therefore by definition Christhood must be that state where you have so expanded the light in your heart and in your chakras that you can sustain soul consciousness, even when the crystal cord is broken.
  Now Jesus knew that this initiation would be upon him.  He knew exactly what was to take place.  Six hours on the cross of an excruciating death--yet he came to the moment of the blackout, the snapping of the cord, and it was so sudden and so painful to sense the loss of the direct tie to the Father, the I AM Presence, to the Guru Maitreya that he cried out in response "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?"
  One can only understand this if one has ever experienced the sudden cutting of the tie to the Guru or to the I AM Presence.  From that moment on, being taken down from the cross and laid in the tomb, the soul of Jesus working with the externalized light of all incarnations of his attainment must draw forth from the Godhead and renew the action of the threefold flame and the pulsation of his heart.
  Not only must he accomplish this, but by the same momentum of his attainment he must descend in his finer body--the soul in the etheric body, the soul clothed upon with the full Christ consciousness that he was--and go and speak to the most rebellious angels in the very depths of hell, to rebuke them for their evil deeds against the Most High God, to preach to them repentance, remission of sin, to rebuke them, and to cause them to bend the knee and once again confess the living Christ.  And he presented that Christ to them himself.
  Thus in the hours of this proving of the Word and reproving the fallen ones we see from 9:00 p.m. Friday until dawn Sunday--those are the hours when darkness covers the land yet the Son of God is fulfilling the twofold mission--the judgment of the fallen ones and the resurrection of his own body temple.  We will follow the same path in these hours and we will keep the flame in our life, in our community, in our nations respectively for this Christ to be the overcomer.
  It says that Jesus cried with a loud voice and gave up the ghost. Thus he relied utterly upon his disciples to care for the body while he worked, worked intensely out of the body.  The breath went out, the soul was in its Christ person in the etheric body--and he went forth.  We are reminded of the disciples of the masters of the Far East who tend the master's body while he is in samadhi, in other octaves working the works of God.  The disciples sometimes tend that body for weeks, caring for it.  If they were to abandon it, the body would suffer death and the master would not be able to return to that body.
  This record then, written in the Book of Mark, gives us much to ponder.  we learn so intimately with our Lord how the Christ within him and within all of us enrages the world and the powers of this world.  They become very angry at the point where that Christ no longer serves them and their evil purposes, no longer is in a state of givingness of the light; but now the Christ moves from being the Mother, caring for all, to being the judge which discriminates light and darkness, binds the seed of the wicked and casts them out.
  This is always the office of the Christ in us.  And this Christ performs that work even independently of our outer minds.  But the more we are aligned with that Christ the more we make our oneness secure, the more we are locked in the divine embrace of the Beloved, the more there comes the physical anchoring of the judgment and therefore the physical rage of the fallen ones who because of their envy and their hatred must find some way to get even.  Therefore they view the crucifixion from their level.  And their level is the hatred, the absolute hatred of the absolute Son of God.
  But the Father and the Son look upon the crucifixion from another level entirely.  It is the Son's initiation to define the absolute union of that which has descended from above with the above.  It is that moment when the soul is fastened to the cross and, through the experience of taking unto itself world karma, there is a fusing of that soul with Christ.  And never, never again are they twain--never the inner and the outer temple--for the soul has merged with the High Priest who is Christ the Lord.  Jesus steps forth from the tomb, forevermore to be Jesus the Christ.  There are no longer the middle figure (the Christ Self) and the lower figure (the evolving soul) in the chart of your real Self. There is a oneness that can never be undone because the alchemical marriage has occurred.  And this would take place by the sternness of the initiation, regardless of the presence of those who are the haters of the light, regardless of their calumny and their intrigue and all the trouble they went to to see to it that the light was put out.
  So we realize that if we lived in a world in a context where there were no evil, we should still pass through the initiation of the crucifixion as the highest love, as the marriage of the soul with Christ--with the attendant bearing of a burden whereby we should experience the immensity of the darkness in the matter universe and the immensity of the light in the Spirit.
  I would like to ask you to join me now in giving the protection to all Christed ones, including yourselves, who enter into the heart of Jesus in this hour and descend with him to the darkest places and reaches of the earth to preach to the fallen ones, to awaken them either to everlasting Life or everlasting contempt.  We have now another four hours of Jesus on the cross by our time; therefore we call for the protection of each Christed one, your soul, and your Christ Self.  We call for the initiation to be given to us, each one, that the alchemical marriage might be celebrated by us together, that God might release His sacred fire that makes our soul potential no longer an option, no longer an if-condition but seals us in Christ evermore to be that Christ, nevermore to be separated again.
  By reenacting this ritual each year we find ourselves more and more and more infused and fused with sacred fire, more and more that integrated identity.  The soul has greater and greater light of the Christ until the fullness of that initiation will take place at a time and a space preordained by God, your Christ Self and your own soul.  Preparing for it,you will find that you are well able to enter into it in the hour in which you are called.
  I would like then to give with you the calls to Michael the Archangel, number ten, for the protection of this entire initiation.  I'm going to give this invocation now and you are free to enter in and confirm it in your heart as you will, or not, as you please.
  Lord God Almighty, the beloved of Christ are assembled here with me in this place.  Thou hast given us as the glorious opportunity to prove our love unto Thee in the face of any and every adversary of Thy true purpose.  O God, we claim not perfection in the flesh but we state before Thee and Thy altar that we are the striving ones, striving for the perfection of the soul.  We come before Thee, O God, desiring the alchemical marriage of our soul unto Thy beloved Son, the sealing of our hearts in the place of that Christ.  Therefore we do invoke now the Hosts of the Lord, beloved Archangel Michael and all whom You have appointed for the guarding of our souls and of our Church and of our Mother and of our Messengers and of our leaders and of all Christed ones upon earth.  Lord God Almighty, we understand this hour of Good Friday and we desire to keep the vigil with Mother Mary for every son of God in this hour--or whoever will on this earth, this system of worlds, the galaxy and galaxies beyond, pass through the initiation demonstrated by our most beloved Jesus the Christ.
  Our Father, beloved Alpha and Omega, our heavenly Father, hear our call!  Send now the legions of Archangel Michael for the protection of our proving ground, our time and space, the base of our pyramid, this our Camelot, our Inner Retreat, our Royal Teton Ranch, our homes, our places of worship.  Wherever we make our abode, O Lord, protect that place.  Protect America as the nation you have designated where souls could come and prove the full power of the resurrection.  Protect therefore the path of the holy innocents.  Lead each one by the hand to a higher and higher understanding of perfect love and of the treachery of the fallen ones who are always jealous of that love.  O Lord, send Thy legions for the binding of the envy, the binding of the rancor and the hate and hate creation!  Send Thy legions, O God, this Good Friday and let there be the judgment also of those who put the Lord Christ to death two thousand years ago, who have never ceased to put to death the Christed ones and who do so in this hour.  Bind their murderous intent and bind the betrayer of the Christ that places him in the hands of the fallen ones!
  Lord God Almighty, I pray for the protection of every soul of light on planet Earth in this hour, in this system of worlds, in this galaxy, and in all galaxies.  I demand the action of Elohim!  Seal by the power of Archangel Michael every servant-son of God yet abiding in these matter-spheres who must now mount the spiral stairway of the path and arrive at that point of union in the fire of Almighty God. 
  In our hearts' love, O Divine Father, hear our call!  Seal our pathway to the end.   Let none of these little ones be lost.  Let them be sealed in the mighty aura of Archangel Michael in the day when they must face the lies, the calumny of the persecutors of the living Christ, when they must deal with the treacherous aura and the blackness of death that moves in the wake of the fallen ones.  Seal them, O God, in the aura, in the great magnet of love of their own Christ Self!  Seal them in Thy living Word and in the I AM THAT I AM in whose name we decree--
    In the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood we decree:
1.  Lord Michael, Lord Michael
I call unto thee:
Wield thy sword of blue flame
And now cut me free.
Blaze God-power, protection
Now into my world,
Thy banner of faith
Above me unfurl,
Transcendent blue lightning
Now flash through my soul,
I AM by God's mercy
Made radiant and whole!

2.  Lord Michael, Lord Michael,
I love thee I do,
With all thy great faith
My being imbue.

3.  Lord Michael, Lord Michael
And legions of blue,
Come seal me, now keep me
Faithful and true.
-coda:  I AM with thy blue flame
Now full-charged and blest,
I AM now in Michael's
Blue-flame armor dressed! (3x)    
     And in full faith I consciously accept this manifest, manifest, manifest (3x) right here and now with full power, eternally sustained, all-powerfully active, ever expanding, and world enfolding until all are wholly ascended in the light and free! Beloved I AM, beloved I AM, beloved I AM!

Hail to the victory of Archangel Michael! (4x)
And the hosts of the Lord!  (4x)
Hail to the victory of Jesus Christ over death and hell!  (4x)
Hail to the victory of Jesus Christ over the Watchers and
the fallen ones!  (4x)

  Let us give the judgment call now.  We are calling for the judgment of those who crucified Christ and of those who have continued to crucify that Christ in the children of God in the two thousand years since the hour of Jesus' initiation and in all aeons before that hour.  As long as there has been a Christ there has been the crucifixion, and that is why it is said in scripture "the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world."  From the foundation of the world and his entering into that world there has come the necessity for this experience.  (Let us stand.)
  We will give this fifteen times for the fourteen stations of the cross and for the fifteenth-the Christ crucified, you becoming the Christ and laying down your life as the Christ that the Light might pervade the whole earth--after my invocation:
   Almighty God, in the name I AM THAT I AM, Lord God Almighty, Elohim, beloved Alpha and Omega, our Father who art in heaven, hear our call on earth which we do make in the name of Jesus Christ, in the name of the Christ within us, in the name of that Universal One in the heart of Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, Sanat Kumara, all saints and ascended beings of all ages and all worlds!
  In the name of the Christ in the heart of every evolving son of God we demand the action now of the binding and the judgment of the fallen angels, the Nephilim and the Watchers and their seed, the devils out of hell, the demons and their discarnates, demons of death and hell, including the marijuana entity, including drugs of every form, liquor, alcohol, nicotine.
  We demand the binding now of every force across this planetary body, including organized crime, World Communism and the sitting in the seat of authority of all fallen ones who appear to do good, who say "Let us do evil that good may come," and therefore abort the very living Word incarnate.
  We demand the binding of all who raise their hand against the holy innocents this day!   We demand in the name of Archangel Uriel the judgment of abortion and the abortionist and all who take life by any means whatsoever, all who have the murderous intent and are of the seed of the original Liar and his lie and the original Murderer from the beginning.  We demand the judgment of all those who are from beneath, who exist only to propagate the lower self, the animal self, and the Evil One.
  By the authority of the Godhead let the Word speak through us. Let the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit and the Mother cut free planet Earth this day!  I demand the transmutation of the robots!  I demand the transmutation of the energy veil, and I demand the raising up of every son of God on resurrection morn!  In God's name I AM THAT I AM we decree:
In the name of the I AM THAT I AM
I invoke the Electronic Presence of Jesus Christ:
They shall not pass!
They shall not pass!
They shall not pass!
By the authority of the cosmic cross of whitefire it shall be:
That all that is directed against the Christ
within me, within the holy innocents,
within every son and daughter of God
(by the Nephilim gods, their genetic engineering, population control and contrived wars, slaughtering the sons of God and children of the light on the battlefields of life)
Is now turned back by the authority of Alpha and Omega,
by the authority of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,
by the authority of Saint Germain!
  I AM THAT I AM within the center of this temple
and I declare in the fullness of the entire Spirit of the Great White Brotherhood:  that those who then practice the black arts
against the children of the light (namely the entire interplanetary conspiracy of fallen angels and their mechanization man)
Are now bound by the hosts of the Lord,
Do now receive the judgement of the Lord Christ
within me, within Jesus, within every ascended master,
Do now receive then the full return
multiplied by the energy of the Cosmic Christ
of their nefarious deeds which they have practiced
since the very incarnation of the Word!
Lo, I AM a Son of God!
Lo, I AM a flame of God!
Lo, I stand upon the rock of the living Word
And I declare with Jesus, the living Son of God:
They shall not pass! They shall not pass!
They shall not pass!   ELOHIM  ELOHIM  ELOHIM

  Beloved Ascended Master Enoch, seal us now in the initiation of the cosmic cross of white fire!  Seal us in the light of thy path! Overshadow us unto the victory!
  I call upon the flame of God-justice within my heart.  Blaze forth the power of justice!  Blaze forth the power of justice to the little people of this world, to the oppressed and those who are in bereavement!  I demand God-justice as the mighty flame of love, as the flame of freedom and mercy, as the flame of God's holy will illumined by the Cosmic Christ—go forth now to comfort all people who are under the burden of world and personal karma as well as the yoke of the Watchers and their seed.  Clear the way for God-justice on earth!  Clear the way for God-justice on earth!  I call it forth now from the very heart of Enoch and all of his sons and daughters of light.  In the name I AM THAT I AM, amen.     

                               -Messenger Elizabeth Clare Prophet:  4-1-1983
2)   I would say it is important to take a two-week sabbatical, if you will, from all other ways of approaching life’s perplexing problems and that you approach everything that besets you by an increase of love so great that pillars of fire and fountains of living love, literal walls and sheets of blue, white, violet, green, all draped with the ruby ray and love petals of my heart! shall so encompass you about that everything that comes into your presence must be either transformed by love or dissolved in its very oceanlike quality.
  The all-consuming fire of the Godhead is love.  And so you will understand that perfect love is the manifestation of the judgment that does not allow hate and hate creation to trample upon oneself.  Therefore when you come to an understanding of the philosophy and the psychology of love you will realize that love for God, being so great where you stand, you do not allow anti-love to cross the threshold of your temple.  Only love may enter here and all else must submit therefore to its living flame of which I AM the bearer.
  As you know, the holding of any quality of God as virtue and as point of attainment and as the aperture to every other point of attainment requires a diligent mastery of every force opposing that quality.  Thus if you would increase in love, as you have been taught before, you will have to master the momentums of anti-love that beset not only your person but the planet itself.  For you see, you would be manifesting more love tangibly and physically, mentally, spiritually and in the emotions in this very hour had you already overcome the   momentum of anti-love which even now is besetting your being!
  These momentums of world condemnation and world hatred press in against the light-bearers.  And sometimes you come to identify this momentum as merely a part of the sea in which you dwell.  As the fish accommodate themselves to the pollutions of the ocean so you accommodate.  And you no longer remember what the pure air of love is, what the atmosphere of your life ought to be. Thus when you begin to tolerate the pressing in of anti-love, you see, it smothers the flame of love.
  Thus we begin in the center now in this very moment, as my angels draw nigh to those of you who are willing, to now begin to burn the fire of love in the heart and to increase it for the purpose of pushing back and consuming and creating a space where formerly anti-love would press against the very body cells of your being.  In this moment of breathing free the air of love, the ocean of love, you begin once again to feel as you once felt when you said “This truly is my native universe!”  The native home of the lightbearers is the swimming in the sea of love.  How conditioned even little children have become to the cynicism which is a quality of anti-love.       -Archeia Charity: 5-29-1983 at Camelot, Los Angeles
-Gateway arch, Saint Louis
3)    We come then for the deliverance of the faithful from the self-conceived notions of limitation and remind you again of Kuthumi's promise, as he has received the dispensation to counsel you in matters of personal psychology and health.  This master, the World Teacher with Jesus, does indeed have a mantle from Omega to assist you personally.
  If you could comprehend the vastness of the Mind of God in Kuthumi and his ability to deliver you from age-old phobias and fixations, you would hasten to run to greet the blessed Saint Francis who, himself now in the ascended state, has long left behind him that self-condemnation for the failure of the Franciscan brothers.
  Thus understand that in the hour of the crucifixion the saints have taken upon themselves that world condemnation for the failure of those whom they have led when they have not fulfilled the fullness of the path that was vouchsafed to them by the original founder.  But in the hour of the resurrection they leave behind all that.  Thus the ascended masters progress; thus their chelas may also pass through the gate from the via dolorosa to the victorious golden light of the Sun.     -Zarathustra:  3-31-1985 via Messenger Elizabeth Clare 
-N. Roerich:  Treasure of the World
-Kuthumi by Schmiechen, 1884

4)  Pain, beloved, is necessary for one and only one purpose.  When that purpose is fulfilled the pain is no more.  The pain is not actually from the hurt experienced.  The pain is really the pain of your separation from God, from me, from your Holy Christ Self, from your I AM Presence, from the flame that beats your heart. This is the pain.  It is a pain that results from your seeking me elsewhere and not finding me and therefore being rebuffed, rejected, buffeted, bruised, put down.
  Blessed ones, let go of this struggle else all of your life shall be so engaged and you shall not arrive at the gate of bliss that you are seeking.  My heart is the open door of bliss.  Seek my heart early, seek it late, seek it in the day.  Give the simple mantra Om mani padme hum. This wondrous mantra, also known of Kuan Yin, celebrates your soul, your spirit, your Atman as the jewel in the heart of the lotus, the chakra of the heart.
  O blessed ones, unless you nourish the relationship to me and to all others serving with me and to your Presence you will continue to experience the pain of isolation, of separation, of aloneness. These things are illusion!  They are illusion, beloved ones.  Beware illusion, or maya!  For it has entrapped some of you for many embodiments.
  Be willing to take your sword and cut through the mayic veil as though sundering some precious silk or garment of apparel.  Keep on slashing the veils!  Keep on slashing the veils!  Slash through until you come to the very end of the mayic universe.  And you shall behold the reality of your not-Self and you shall faint in the presence of angels who will catch you when you see the unreality, the unreal self--and the unreal self, the dweller-on-the-threshold of the planet.
  And when you are revived you will also be shown your great God Self.  And you shall see that you are naked:  you are not clothed, you are not rich, you are not accomplished. You are nothing but a soul, a soul that is the potential to make the choice to become the All or to forsake the All for all of these unrealities, all of these things.
  Now, beloved, bliss is not very far from you.  It is as close as your breath and my breath.  My breath that I breathe unto you now is the breath of bliss, and the only true bliss is the bliss of the union of your soul in God.  I AM the aura of that God Presence--so are the bodhisattvas and buddhas with me the aura of that God Presence.  Now drink in the bliss of your union.    
                -Gautama Buddha:  7-4-1992 at Royal Teton Ranch, Montana
5)   For who in the course of history has looked forward to the initiation of the crucifixion?  I will tell you who, beloved.  Not only your Lord and Savior Jesus Christ but every son and daughter of God who has found his way to the kingdom of light.  That ultimate moment of the crucifixion, beloved, if you can understand it--and I speak not of mere persecution but of the initiation of the crucifixion itself--is surely the moment of self-transcendence.
  Thus I show you a mystery of Christ crucified.  And I show you the glory of the crucifixion, not the sorrow of it.  I show you how through that very process of Christ being crucified in you the light of God, as symbolized and actualized in the blood of Jesus, flows from your Christ Self for the spiritual nourishment of life.
  Thus when you come to understand the meaning of Jesus on the cross you can hold in your hand the crucifix not in the sense of death and sorrow but in the sense of everlasting Life.  You can understand that as long as Jesus is on that cross, as long as the Christ of you is on that cross, the sacred fire is flowing from his sacred heart and from your heart that is sanctified through him as he holds the burden of Light and Darkness at the very center of the cross.
  And that light does flow!  It does nourish and sustain, transform and heal you!  It does bring you to the point where you also may give your life, not in death but in life, for the many and the millions.  This is a profound mystery.  May you come to understand it through the all-seeing Eye of God, through the single-eyed vision of your soul purified in Christ. Understand then that the blood of Christ does flow perpetually to those who know and understand the mystery of Christ crucified.  And they become vessels of his divine blood, his divine body and they imbibe the essence of what was his flesh and is his flesh in a spiritualized sense.      
                       -Elohim Cyclopea and Virginia:  4-7-1993 at Royal Teton Ranch
                       -the Altai Range--between Siberia, Mongoliand China/Xinjiang
            -Mt. Shasta

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