Sunday, December 10, 2017

The lever of the valve is opened by your decree

          -La Tourelle, headquarters of the Summit Lighthouse 1966-76

         And therefore recognize the meaning of being a servant of God.  It demands your total being, your total consciousness--all of your love, all of your life and more!  For the price is very high, and all that you give to God is given back to you in return, and this is the Law of the Tithe which comes forth from the very heart of Alpha and Omega.  When you give forth your energies in decrees God must return to you that which you have given….…as you decree realize that all within your sight and those whom you cannot see can receive of the body of God, of the Holy Spirit through your simple call....The prayers of your Holy Christ Self can be reaped in the world of form only as you appropriate them and ask that they descend into your heart’s chalice.  For all that occurs in the macrocosm is destined to descend into the microcosm. 
  The lever of the valve is opened by your decree, and until you make the call the valve is shut and nothing can come forth to you except the allotment for your embodiment of the pulsation from the Mighty I AM Presence.  Anything in addition to that, the expansion of your heartflame and all that you need to have and do and be to go forth to the light must come forth because you invoke it, because you decree it and because you accept it unflinchingly on behalf of the service of the light….
  Do you not know that you are lawmakers for your own world just as the Congress of this country is the lawmaking body for this nation?…Therefore as you define in your world the sphere of your activity remember that all law that is based on the infinite conception of God will fulfill in you your victory, the fullness of your service and the mighty ascension in the light….And if you will ask, beloved ones, that the electronic Presence of the master of your choice be superimposed over your form before you go to sleep at night you will find that throughout the hours of rest all of the momentums of light of that ascended being can be absorbed into your consciousness, into your four lower bodies by the power of the electrode upon the spine--the ascending  and the descending currents of God that formulate the magnetic forcefield which is the focus of the great cycles of Infinity within your very own Presence….
  Will you do this with me this year, each of the 365 days that are to come?  Will you do this, beloved ones?  Stand and pledge yourselves to the light and realize that as your Cosmic Mother I will amplify whatever calls you make….For in His Spirit is the victory of the light….
  Rejoice then that the heavenly Father has prepared for you a way of salvation that mankind can receive the glory….Look forward then to the resurrection of all life.  Go forward in the name of the Christ, go forward in the name of HIs flame and bear within you that diamond heart that is my own, that is the heart of beloved El Morya, that is the heart of the will of God….And no riptide of emotion however great or small will be able to deter you from your course which is the course of freedom--it is the cause of freedom, the cause of victory.              
  Develop then that courage and determination that says “I shall not be moved!” and then go forth to conquer….And I AM with you alway even as is my Son and the Presence of the Holy Spirit.  As you receive our radiation this day and the sublimity of the rule of the Holy Family realize that this Trinity of manifestation is the true meaning of the threefold flame within your heart.  For in the balance of the Father, Mother and Son principles you attain the glory of your victory; receive it then                  
(by Ruth Hawkins)
                    -Archeia Mary:   12-31-1967 at La Tourelle, Colorado Springs via Messenger of the Brotherhood Elizabeth Clare Prophet
  -Messenger ECP

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