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solstice dawn; the essence of fiery advancement

         ice and agate
        solstice predawn looking southeast to Shasta
       looking northeast at Yreka
      Shasta summit catching dawn
    looking southwest toward Scott Mts.
          lookng northwest

       standing amid uplifted Hornbrook Sea sedimentary rock

        solstice dawn
8.  Among the manifestations which are particularly harmful for ascent may be noted halfway service.  It is impossible to advance without casting away this terrible halfwayness.  It must be remembered that, having once chosen the Teacher, the disciple must always act with an understanding of all the harmful effects of halfwayness.  Not only is an obvious betrayal (against which one can openly fight with a sword) dangerous but these pernicious burrowings of halfwayness are so harmful.  One must direct the consciousness of people along the path of honesty.  People must understand that the most important thing is the honesty of Service.  How can one affirm the growth of the spirit, how can one prove devotion to Hierarchy, how can one purify the consciousness?  By observing this one Law - honesty of Service.  Thus let us always keep in mind the harm of halfwayness.  The records of darkness contain all halfway decisions and actions;…If it were possible to make manifest all the records of the subtle world, humanity would be terrified at the gray shadows around destruction, halfwayness, betrayal, incitement to strife, blasphemy, intolerance and selfhood. 

10.  Indeed people have become used to the thought that the Higher should serve the lower, but they do not realize that only the understanding of Service gives one the right to a manifested link of the Chain…In the fiery world only the fiery consciousness can be a true recipient of our sendings.

14.  Surely violent manifestations of force cannot carve a righteous path for humanity.  Hence all the finer energies can be accepted only by a fiery consciousness.  Thus tolerance is truly the lot of the fiery consciousness.  Of course one should purify wherever there are accumulations of filth, and the lot of the fiery consciousness is to purify the records of space.  Among the accumulated pages of human writings there will have to be noted those pernicious records which have clouded the brains of even well-meaning people.  Thus on the path to the fiery world one should understand the great significance of receptivity of higher energies and of subtle sendings.

21.  The Teaching is given in endless succession for the purpose of affirmation of fiery revelations and the carrying out of highest laws, and following the same principle as that governing magnetic poles, can be given only to a fiery spirit that has been aligned with Hierarchy for thousands of years.  The intensified fiery action extends for thousands of years. The fusion of consciousness is forged over a span of thousands of years.  The united path is carved and paved in thousands of years.  Hearts are merged in one great Service in thousands of years.  Immutable is the Cosmic Law, and it should be understood that the succession of the Teaching is affirmed through millenniums.  There are many who attempt to infringe upon this great right, but a cosmic right is given to a creator in the fiery world.  Therefore humanity must purify consciousness for the understanding of the great right of succession.

36.  One should not develop subtle vibrations in the heart by outside demands.  Only an inner, merited action gives birth to a conformable vibration.  Rarely is this life of spirit found amidst choking earthly vibrations.  Yet this manifestation - when spirit resounds in harmony with Spirit - is so beautiful!  First of all in the development of the consciousness of community one should affirm the understanding of cooperation.  In this understanding community can become strengthened and the worm of self-pity will vanish.  Thus do we administer advice to the disciples, affirming the joy of labor without encroachment upon the heart of another.  Long since was it said "One cannot be dear by force!"  This is also a cosmic formula.  But one can greatly purify the path of concerted labor.  Thus let the disciples remember the manifestation of cooperation as an important step in the daily life of the community.

39.  The essence of fiery advancement comes from various affirmations of Spirit.  The chief factor will be the development of self-activity.  In self-activity will be contained love for Hierarchy, in it will be contained a feeling of responsibility and a true understanding of Service.  Thus when we speak of self-activity one should understand that it includes all qualities of higher affirmation.  When a co-worker takes upon himself the development of self-activity his field of action becomes unlimited.  Hierarchy becomes the fiery impetus of all his actions.  No attacks, near or far, are frightening to the co-worker, because he knows fiery service.  Therefore it is so important to purify one's consciousness from selfhood.  But the co-worker must be prepared to accept all difficulties, knowing that service to Hierarchy is the highest attainment.

181. Verily, great is this labor in the defense of humanity!

183.  It is necessary to purify the strata for the reception of new energies.  So many powerful forces are awaiting reception and application, but to perceive them means already to manifest them.  But is it possible at this time to reveal these energies to a destroyer?  Certainly the planet is passing through Armageddon, and all its affirmations are sharply divided into the camps of light and darkness.

256.  When the consciousness stands still its condition can be likened to petrifaction.  In such a state people resemble stone idols. These idols of spirit affirm the perdition of the planet.  On all paths are encountered these idols of spirit. Judging by what is obvious one may affirm the manifestation, as it were, of life, but no life surrounds the idols of the spirit - verily only death and dissolution.  Who then will assert that such ossification can give the planet its needed equilibrium!  Verily idols of the spirit engender cataclysms and catastrophes.  This ossification infects the atmosphere just as does the most frightful epidemic.  That is why it is so necessary to purify space and each affirmation of life.  Only purification will help save the planet.  Seldom is understood the manifestation of the fiery Bearer of the Sword of the Spirit.

265.  Vibrations can evoke in the heart a great many subtle sensations.  If man would understand how to make use of affirmed vibrations in order to draw forth subtle feelings from the depths of his heart, it would be possible to avert many evil actions.  Science certainly must occupy itself with the investigation of a means of evoking these vibrations. Indeed sound, color and odor can provide an entire synthesis for the higher sensations.  When gross methods are replaced by subtle ones the spirit will possess sensitiveness of perception.  Contact with more subtle energies will result in a refinement of the entire way of life. When space begins to resound with subtle energies one will have to know how to apply them vitally. 

367.  The condition of the planet is becoming worse because of the consciousness of humanity.  The forces of the spirit are expended on the affirmation of destruction.  A faint-hearted cowardice toward all concepts which do not correspond to the present consciousness is leading humanity to the borderland of destruction.  The forces of the Spirit can bring mankind out of the rut if mankind will purify its thinking.  Each great principle is that prime mover which uplifts the spirit.  A search for the higher principles is the primary task. The Existence of the world is affirmed by fiery principles, therefore aspiring to the highest should be a most essential task.  Humanity must ponder upon a reformation in its actions. The karma of atonement draws near.  Each striving must be directed toward the source of light.  On the path to the fiery world let us manifest in action the achievement of great realization.    
                                     -Morya:  Fiery World 1935
71.  Thought about the higher world, thought about the Guardians already lights up the drooping consciousness; hence there may be more desirable meetings, and attacks may be warded off.  Only the heart's thought about the higher world provides an impenetrable armor.

306.  Aspiration toward the higher world is the best recourse against obsession; thinking about the higher world is the best proven antitoxin.  Exalted thoughts not only influence the nerve substance but also purify the blood. Experiments with the composition of the blood in relation to the thinking of the patient are highly instructive.

339.  One can see in the swings of the pendulum of life how continuously energy vibrates.  The same means shows the radiations called the aura, which indicates that particles of the aura are being sent out ceaselessly into space, and soul energy continually weaves a new protective net.

503. Aum is the combination of the best vibrations; this means that around such combinations one must learn to be conscious of the best qualities.  One should purify one's thinking from all impeding trifles.  One should not cultivate a garden of resentments and vexations.  Each hour should be regarded as an entry into ordained labor.  One must cultivate one's character in order that nothing may impede the renovation of consciousness.       -M:  Aum 1936
78.  Destructive is the feeling of contentment, it leads to satiation and to paralysis of energy.  One may observe in the subtle world the most pitiful fate of such paralytics.  Even the little that they have succeeded in accumulating during their earthly life is cut short by paralysis of energy.  Vagrant shades, they cannot succeed because without energy it is impossible to advance.  You may be asked whose lot is more gloomy, that of such paralytics or of the malignant haters.  The answer is difficult.  Those who hate can suffer and thus be purified, but through disuse of energy the paralytics lose the possibility of advancing.  Is it not better to suffer much but with the possibility of advance?  The torments that purify are better than hopeless dissolution.  Hatred can be transformed into love, but paralysis is the terror of night.  Such hopeless destructions cannot lead to Brotherhood.  Paralysis of separate limbs can be overcome by the will, but if the basic energy itself is inactive how can a command be carried out? Many such living corpses walk about!

145.  People know more than they think they do.  They hear about life on distant worlds.  They know about energies and currents.  They are in contact with many manifestations of nature.  The question is merely as to how well they absorb all this information.  During an accelerated accumulation of discoveries it is especially needful to purify the consciousness.  Moral foundations become, or rather should become, an attribute of knowledge; otherwise the gulf between knowledge and morals widens dangerously.

582.  Some will say to you, "We are prepared to understand the fundamentals of Brotherhood.  We are ready to build up cooperation, but we are surrounded by such intolerable conditions that it is impossible to manifest greater readiness."  In truth there may be conditions that do not permit putting into practice that for which the heart is ready.  Let us not expose innocent workers to danger; they can apply their abilities under other conditions.  For a time let them construct Brotherhood in their thoughts.  With such construction they can purify the surrounding space, and such thoughts will be salutary.  But let them not fall into conceit, believing that it is sufficient to build mentally.  No, the wayfarer will affirm the manifestations of achievement by human feet and human hands.   -M:  Brotherhood 1937
43.  Mountain air in itself is beneficial for some hearts, and also reminds one about the heights above ten thousand feet, where the elements of fire and air purify space, not only physically but also inwardly.  Thus physical and spiritual needs are combined.  Hearts that have realized this will strive to the heights because their inner knowledge reveals to them the salutary spheres.  Everyone everywhere who feels love for the Brotherhood will strive to us.

74.  Heads of state formerly combined their work with the highest spiritual duties and often led societies of the highest purpose.  In time these missions were lost and the heads of state remained as servitors to insignificant and even harmful institutions.  Such examples can be seen everywhere.  It is especially sad that there remain only a few small fragments of ritual that still preserve their inner meaning; in ignorant hands even these scraps bring harm.  Thus we try to purify or remove the remnants of rituals that obscure the consciousness….
  We have spoken many times about rhythm, and none of us will condemn the rhythms that bring harmony.  Beautiful singing can open beautiful gates.  Therefore discriminate carefully between absurd survivals and steps of beauty.  The Teacher warns that rhythm can influence the entire nervous system.  Some parts of ancient rituals that have been preserved to this day and now confuse the consciousness can be very dangerous.  Words used today during various services were once parts of incantations to exorcise dark forces, but now they are pronounced without sense and even with incorrect rhythm.  Such distortions of sound can have a different effect, therefore one should study the ancient sources in order to wipe away the dust of ages….We grieve when vibrations become distorted and, instead of construction, cause destruction.

94.  There are no cataclysms destructive enough to turn the attention of humanity to the true nature of its deeds.  Let us recall how those who survived the great cataclysms of the past did not care to think about the causes of the disasters, preferring to consider themselves innocent victims of some cruel fate.  They did not want to purify their consciousness and instead began once more to indulge their freewill gone mad.

150.  Great is His luminosity in the subtle world, and He loves to descend into the lower spheres so that His prana may purify the dark realms.  It is not easy even for Him to descend, and one should appreciate all the more this example of His selfless healing of those who suffer there.         -M:  Supermundane 1, 1938
320, 350.  You remember Orpheus who gave the people soothing melodies of peace, and how a certain Teacher tried to purify the Teachings so that people would know more and understand life better.  Another spiritual toiler preached that people should first of all make use of the most peaceful methods.  And the Unifier of nations taught that peace can flourish only in harmony….all the advice we give is based on scientific truth.          -M:  Supermundane 2, 1938


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