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the bourne of the noble attends the return from battle

  Light from Darjeeling beckons the traveler home.  Thus the bourne of the noble attends the return from battle.  Know then that as there is comfort in the pocket of Hercules so there is, beloved, comfort in the twin of Gemini that I bear.
  Have you thought of the brain itself as twins of the mind of God?  Have you thought of the limitation of hemispheres? Have you thought of the deprivation of lightbearers from the full use of the faculties of the mind of God?  Well, I say to you, if you have not then think of it!  And think of it now, for these fallen ones have suppressed as though with the boot of the Soviet the full flowering of the crown of life.
  Let the light rise in this body.  Let the light rise for the full flowering of genius that can be known in the physical octave by those of every age.  Let the cells give up the ghosts of all past.  Let them give up all that is less than the light, the golden liquid light that each cell can and shall hold in the balance of Alpha and Omega.
  Surely I AM come.  I AM come on a note of victory, not to leave you then in scenes astral of netherworlds of Nephilim gods.  Thus Hercules has opened the vision of the vast panorama of heaven; I open the panorama of earth that can be the fullness of the Lord and of His coming.  They shall not pass!
  I urge our scribes, noting the precise answers to precise calls, to provide even another alternate preamble focusing on those facts that come to light in answer to the call of the first.  There may be seven such preambles, all blue, but each one ensconced in one of the chakras and one of the seven rays.  Let the fire of the blue lightning of the mind of God unlock the fullness of the potential of the seven chakras and the seven rays and the Elohim’s seven focuses upon the brow.  Let the seven spheres of the causal body descend.
  Let yourself become now, beloved, the angel clothed with a cloud of the I AM Presence and upon his head the rainbow of the causal body of God.  For as the fire of the blue lightning of the mind of God descends it does challenge in you the anger of mortality and death itself, lodged even in the molecules of physical matter.  Beloved, rejoice in the alchemy of chemicalization and leap into the flames of sacred fire!  It is the only way.  Sacred fire baptism may challenge you, may even singe some portion of the human you would retain, but when you emerge from that sacred fire baptism--a unique and personal initiation of Maitreya--I tell you, nothing in this world can touch you, for you are fire!  It is a spiritual fire, a flame that cannot be quenched!  Thus it is written:  He does make his ministers a flame of fire.  Would you have it, beloved?  
  Then see that the diamond heart and the Gemini mind, the very solidity of reality, are thine own.  And therefore you shall not even notice what the sacred fire has taken from you, for it will be nothing of any import whatsoever.  Hasten then to greet the living flame of God.  Do not rub your eyes and say, “Am I seeing things?” when you see a flame walking toward you on the road.  Blessed ones, I am serious, for the sacred fire manifest as salamander or seraphim does indeed walk down the road as a giant pillar or a giant leaf in shape.
  Notice how the fire runs to greet you.  Blessed ones, so greet it:  “I see thee coming, O sacred fire!  I shall not turn and run but leap into thy rainbow crescending, ascending, descending, undulating fiery presence!”  O blessed one, I know few sons of God who have not at that moment had a flash of a desire to be somewhere else.  It will pass and you will know that there is not anywhere else to go but into the heart of the flame.
  Mark the heart again at the two-thirds level, beloved, and know that if you leap into the flame at that point you will find yourself seated in a cave in the rock in the heart of meditation with Gautama.  And you will recognize that that sacred fire is the gateway to the etheric octave.
  These are the things of which I would speak to my chelas, not of wars and tribulations and of rehearsals of the activities of the unmentionables.  O blessed hearts, if you are weary, believe me, the Earth itself is weary and so are we of such discussions.
  Thus having divested myself of all that you may bear in this coming fortnight and must bear for us, I may then digress in a spiritual mode so that you might also remember that we are adepts of the spiritual fire and that this is the training we give to our chelas.  Most notable ones who have noted the signs, let thy body be the vessel of the Holy Spirit and thy soul the bride of Christ.  The key I have given, ‘tis enough.
  Meditate upon the cadences of my mind for they are a rope that you pick up at the beginning of a tunnel.  And you follow the rope, and beyond its cadences and the paces through the tunnel you will reach the secret chamber of my heart.  Hold on to the rope, do not let go of it.  My sentences form this strong hemp.  Therefore through all the darkness that you pass, beloved, you will find that the words of Morya from the beginning unto the end of our dictations are all cipher, all keys, all kernels that will open by the heat of divine fervor.
  In the name of our Lord the Almighty One, and Him in His sons and daughters, I serve.            
-Morya:  8-9-1987 at RTR, Montana

-Confucius at San Jose, CA park by Jack Fang, 1973

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