Thursday, August 13, 2015

"spiritual director" Drye--note bene

-Rev. David Drye, so-called spiritual director of Summit Lighthouse, ~March 2012.  Notice the pronounced thin lips, generally considered to mark the emotionally cold or cruel person.  “Secretive, reserved” is the meaning of thin lips according to
Another site says of thin lips:  They are determined, persistent, decisive and not easily fooled by flattery. These people dislike being teased and made fun of. Thin lips are also associated with being more serious, hard working and responsible. However, people with extremely thin lips are emotionally cold, they are also hard on others, even themselves.
Another site says:  Thin lips : High intelligence and trickster.       Very thin lips : Jealousy.
The true spiritual directors of the Summit Lighthouse are the 7 founding fathers/sponsors–Archangel Michael, Elohim Peace, Saint Germain, Morya El, Maha Chohan, Gautama, Godfre.  -R, Mt. Shasta

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