Saturday, March 5, 2016

There will be none without work when people will turn to the path of Spirit.

II, i, 11.   There will be none without work when people will turn to the path of Spirit.     -Leaves of Morya's Garden 1925

94.  It is necessary to perceive the true intent of the author in order to estimate the quality of his errors.  Ignorance will be the worst basis; fear and meanness occupy the next place.  None of these qualities are befitting the community.  To accomplish their removal in the new construction is a necessity.  Prohibitory measures as usual are not suitable; but a discovered error must be removed from the book.  The necessity of such removal and the reprinting of the book will bring the author to his senses.  Every citizen has the right to prove an error.  Indeed one should not impede new views and structures; but incorrect data must not bring one into error, because knowledge is the armor of the community and the defense of knowledge is the duty of all the members.     -M:  Community 1926  (Messenger ECP put this passage into her book Community, 2002, p. 165)

258.  All chaotic manifestations are only evidence of non-coordination.     -Morya:  Infinity 1, 1930

453.  The entire lack of conformity results from these manifestations of imbalance.  Each epoch is saturated by the cosmic fires and the qualities of human receptivity.  Therefore when the spirit does not ally himself with the cosmic fires a contrary current is set up.  Thus man determines his karma.
-M:  Infinity 2, 1930
-Messengers M & E C Prophet

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