Wednesday, March 2, 2016

(many) have some impediment or block to the essential elements of this path


O beloved, let the mountains ring—and the molecules and the waters under the earth and the very sun of even pressure in the heart of the earth also reverberate with the sound of the call of the Word.  It is the sustain power of physical systems and planetary homes.
  When you give the sound of the decree of Elohim you enter the aura of Elohim throughout cosmos.  And you are a part of the sustaining sound of God that sustains the matter creation beginning with your own physical body and physical cells.  And therefore this is why those who have decreed for so long and given the violet flame decrees have a sustaining of the vibration of the Central Sun that turns back the years and turns back the deformities and results in the transmutation of the genes inserted into the seed of light bearers by the seed of the wicked.
  Beloved ones, the sound of the light reverberating through your microcosm is the power of the holy Word of God to restore you to that magnificent God-free being you were when you first descended into the matter spheres!  And in the aura and presence of that God-being which I tell you shall be unleashed from the whitefire core of every cell and atom of your being you will be effective in the earth, you will stand as conquering heroes, so humble in the presence of Elohim, beloved, and yet so empowered as to tremble the very web of cosmos and of the deceit of the fallen ones….
  Let it be known then that the sound of symphony is in your heart, that the sound of divine music is in your being, beloved.  And when you sound the aum you activate it….And that initiation of Christhood, beloved, demands obedience to the law of sound, rhythm and the cosmic music of the spheres….
  So, beloved, choose to be that Presence or not.  For it is the wye (Y), and the wye has come to all in this age.  And those who would study that wye let them hear the dissertation of the Lady Master Leto, for it is well taken and should be studied….
  And I also weep in this hour when I see those who have not been careful in these things around the world (not necessarily in this activity) who have lost precious souls entrusted to their care because they did not heed the warning of the prophets and Elohim and the Brotherhood of the signs of these perilous times.             -Elohim Cyclopea:  7-5-1986 at Camelot, Los Angeles
You see, precious ones, whatever virtue you invoke from the heart of God you must first slay the darkness that will assail that virtue.  And God will not lower into the chalice of your heart the elements of that flame until you have stood by your own light, your own determination, your own momentum, until you have stood to conquer those who would challenge you the moment you would receive that energy.  God is not an unwise investor of energy.  He does not place in your hand that which you have proven yourself incapable of defending, else God Himself would be bankrupt.  And therefore the testing, therefore the path, therefore initiation.     -Ray-O-Light:  Pearls of Wisdom 25:29a
Do not attempt to combine the old ways, nor pour the new wine of the Everlasting Gospel, into old bottles.  We desire to make you like us, not for you to become dependent upon us.  We desire you to know that in this state of transition through the physical octave you do need our intercession and we gladly give it; and so does the Messenger.  But it is for a purpose:  it is for the preparation of your solo.  It is for the preparation of an instantaneous contact with the Beloved….So I ask the question:  how many can at will make the contact with the Presence that comes as a feeling of love descending, a feeling so powerful as to exclude all other awareness of a planet?  Beloved, this can be yours.       -El Morya:  12-31-1986 at RTR, Montana via Messenger E C Prophet 
I would encourage you then to set aside a time each day for reading and for study.  I would also encourage you to outline your studies, to make note of necessary points which you realize are lacking in your own comprehension or those specifics which you desire to apply....When you thus have in your consciousness the precepts that have been given, more can be added unto you....
And sometimes they (souls waiting for higher contact) are not brought here (to the Messenger) simply because the hoops of your electronic belts are so wide that they cannot enter in without bumping into into them....
Leave then (the body in soul travel) as a clean arrow that flies forth into the deep--a clean arrow that does not take with it the air through which it passes, but the friction of that arrow creates a fire that consumes all that it contacts that is not like itself.  Go forth then, your mark aimed at the Royal Teton and come into the chambers where I am teaching....            -Leto:  11-5-1972 at La Tourelle, Colorado Springs
I have the attainment from Atlantis of having been a scientist, beloved, and I have employed the methods of precipitation for ten thousand years and more.  I seek to show you how to bring into manifestation the light from realms above.   I seek to show you many things whereby you may better organize yourselves, make better use of time and energy and have greater access to the consciousness of your I AM Presence....
Blessed ones, those of almost every segment of society and every religious conviction or none have some impediment or block to the essential elements of this path (of light/love, contrasted in the wye to the lefthanded path of desire/pursuit of power).  We therefore determine, and I have been called to give you this message this night, that [inasmuch as] we desire [it we shall] show you how to be the example--[yes,] the example and the manifestation of the light whereby seeing is believing.  For those souls who have rejected the techniques and the path and even the doctrine of the ascended masters must finally come to their senses and recognize that what is is, what is true is true and what they see clearly [in the auras of the chelas of the ascended masters] must be the results of right effort and a right science and a right religion applied.          -Leto:  10-28-1990 at NYC via Messenger E C Prophet

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