Saturday, March 26, 2016

How shall this world be healed unless some say: I will turn this thing around!

  The Second Coming of Christ is antedated by the fulfillment of the prophecy “One shall
be taken and the other left” (Matt. 24:40).  For when one is taken and another is left it denotes that the world llieth yet in wickedness and that only the few have accepted the kingdom.  But when the Second Coming of Christ comes to the quickened world it will be because the nature of the divine has become understood as a priceless gift of freedom to every man.

  When this miracle of Christ-love is produced in the world it will be because the students of alchemy--whether known by that name or any other, whether in the churches or out of the churches, in fact whether in the body or out of the body--are expressing universally the radiance of the Christ-design.                -Saint Germain:  Pearls of Wisdom 13:13

  And in this age of materialism and neglect of the oneness of mother and child let the protective arm of the blessed father give comfort and strength to both.  Let the Holy Family and your family be the sign of the Aquarian age.  Let tenderness be the mark of your being, your speaking, your interchanges with children and adults alike....
  How shall this world be healed unless some say:  I will turn this thing around!  I will invoke the violet flame and the Holy Spirit!...I have no greater calling than to restore to every part of life the gentle communication of the (Divine) Mother:  "I AM here, I have returned, I AM with you, I AM not far off."        -Archeia Mary:  2-27-1993 at Chicago via Messenger E C Prophet

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