Friday, November 30, 2018

Now when the search for God-reality becomes strenuous

  Because the deeds of some men followed after evil they in fact re-created themselves in the image of the sons of Belial, the sons of darkness.  Not taking into account this aspect of mankind’s evolution, many have failed to apprehend the mystery of good and evil; and they have thought that inasmuch as God made all men they should recognize all on an equal basis.
  It is our counsel in these latter days, as it has ever been, that the children of the light should in honor prefer one another and shun associations with the children of darkness….
  The great ocean of divine awareness is linked to the outer consciousness of the most dense members of the race.  Thus there are transmitted, in essence, fragments of cosmic intelligence about life which flow intuitively to the least evolved among men.  And the proof of this flow of cosmic awareness is everywhere apparent to those who will honestly look.
  How great is the value of the devotee in this age, of the man or woman who becomes a city set upon an hill that cannot be hid.   How beautiful are the feet of them which preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things.  How beautiful is the flow of unfolding, the flower of the elect, of those who rejoice even in the chastening of cosmic Law, whose will is ever centered on the plan that God has unfolded through the spiritual hierarchy….How inconsistent it is that humanity, steeped in bigotry and intolerance, should in this day and age of great scientific accomplishment fail to see the order of heaven and the need for the heavenly ordering of human affairs….
  The transmittal of God’s goodness to humanity by the many sons of God opens the blinded eyes that they may see the fragrant crystal glow of the Tree of Life, expanding to confer upon the nations and each individual segment of reality all God-good and perfectionment.  When mankind join in the service of the heavenly hosts all radiance, joy and happiness conferred and held in consciousness will be seen as the eternally brooding dove of cosmic Peace, the crowning achievement of universal progress….
  The Divine Mother cherishes the thought of the moment when the teeming multitudes of the world grasping the bread of Life in minutest portion will take that sacred eucharist into their hearts and let the little gems of infinite whitefire light enrichen their beings.  For She knows that this will create an expansive impetus to progress that will drive men confidently forward.  Then the native garments of the last Adam will become the comfortable raiment of those who with me can brood over the world with the thought of a just peace, a righteousness exalting the nations and with the one desire that the Holy Mother shall teach Her children the meaning of spiritual virtue and the treasures of heaven.   
    I remain devotedly yours,    
(by Sindelar)
                               -Jesus Christ:   Pearls of Wisdom 13:20

     It is not what man has intended but what God has intended that must be given preeminence….Humanity is ever searching for excuses, and these are easy to come by.  We know that the glaring light of true reality is being bypassed daily; meanwhile the slightest stirring is amplified into personal discontent.
  Now when the search for God-reality becomes strenuous one must remember in the face of all opposing argument that reality does exist, even though one has not yet attained it….
  Patience is a virtue of the first degree.  When possessed it indicates to everyone your recognition of the great depths of truth that are of necessity caught in the strands of duality. Patience is God’s love expressed through you that prayerfully attends the flowering of every Christly virtue within the minds and hearts of all people.
  One day life will not be dual, it will be single, and in singleness of vision men will clearly perceive the wonder of God-delight.  They will establish in themselves that firm direction that cannot be moved.  They will recognize the sincerity of purpose.  Then the grades not passed will be taken over by the devotees who failed to learn the lessons of cosmic Truth while their consciousness remained in duality….Will you follow me in the paths of regeneration?   

    I remain    
(by Schmiechen, 1884)
                               -Kuthumi:    Pearls of Wisdom 13:45

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