Monday, November 26, 2018

As he is and as he does so others see and do

     What we are interested in is the subscribing of our students to a universal brotherhood and body already existing as the Great White Brotherhood.  Being in the invisible this order comprising the alchemists of Spirit requires a union with embodied humanity, for only through this association can we formulate the most beautiful sustaining concepts that will enable the entire house of the world to breathe the air of freedom and to be infused with the fires of destiny in its individual and collective aspects.
  Man must see and know that as he is and as he does so others see and do.  Thus in perception and in action man can endow the pages of history with a revelatory illumination thereby fulfilling the fiats of God--“Take dominion over the earth!” and “Set the example for the age!”  With each act of grace man becomes endowed with more grace.  Each step of self-mastery raises him higher in the cosmic peerage until he is crowned at last through the eternal mysteries with the full realization of his own potential….You can as it were rend the veil of the holy of holies if your purpose be communion with the Most High, as was Moses’ in the Sinai Desert….

  Then through your contact with the I AM Presence--the Presence of all being--you can develop a culture of the Spirit at lower levels that will provide stairways of safety upon which others may climb.          
(by Charles Sindelar)
                                     -Saint Germain:      Pearls of Wisdom 13:17
................                                                               .......................
                              -ice sculpture at Harbin
(below)  Vajrasattva

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