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Only by the wings of true Selfhood can man actually attain


-at Kuan Yin's crown is Amitabha Buddha upon whom she meditates--he shown below:

-summer at Lake Siskiyou campgrounds

-Portia, by John William Wright, 1846
  The world seems to contain within itself the very seeds of opposition to the achievement of any good thing.  All who rise are opposed, and we sometimes ask ourselves if opposition itself is not the goad that engenders strength for attainment….Only by the wings of true Selfhood can man actually attain, and when he does so he becomes a power of good example in the universe which all may follow….Then upon the altar stone—the foundation of truth and reality—he must rebuild the city of perfection which is cast down….
  Religion has been dangled before men as a panacea for all of their ills.  It is not formal religion that is the answer but the reality of God who originally clothed man with innocence.  This purity that is the identity of the real man must be put on once again, even as the old man with his deceit and shame is put off…—Being that refuses to accept the mold of complacency, of degeneracy, of death—that recognizes that the last enemy of death shall be overcome together with all of the lesser enemies that seek to destroy the reality of the person….Not only do these lie in wait without to waste away the substance of the soul but also they lie within the domain of the individual consciousness.  That discord which is without is drawn to the self because reason has already been dethroned within and man lives in ignorance of his great commission.
  As he returns to reason, as he begins the process or rediscovering himself much of the sense of struggle disappears and experience is seen as the turning of the pages in a great book of known reality.             -Kuthumi:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:28
  One can easily resolve the question “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” by asking “Which came first, God or man, Spirit or matter?“…Man was created as a spirit, and consciousness and intelligence are a necessary part of the spiritual being that man really is….
  The sole purpose of life upon the schoolroom-planet Earth is to develop in man through consent by freewill those masterful cosmic qualities that are a part of the character and being of God….There is no competition in God.  He delights in the diversification of all creation provided that its pattern is after the true nature of the divine Being.  The reason that pattern is all-important has to do with eternal Life or a state of permanence in God:  God does not wish to perpetuate evil or unhappiness, and certainly man should not desire to prolong his imperfection….
  There are many weapons which the dark ones have employed to keep mankind from discovering the Real Self.  The most darkening of all is the screen of egoistic (self-centered) consciousness and that altogether human quality of pride which so readily saturates the being of man.  Beloved ones, pride is so subtle that individuals often mistake it for spiritual zeal….(and) it shows its face when individuals allow themselves to become piqued over little things….One should learn balance and reasonability, giving unto others the same grace that one expects to receive….Where the Spirit is not present, where the Spirit is denied, where the Spirit is quenched there is no fount of reality that brings the buoyancy of inter-spiritual and inter-personal realizations to the consciousness.  The little bursts of joy that flood the soul as it comes in contact with those who are spiritually of like mind is a certain indication of the presence of the Spirit….Each son in the dignity of true Self-realization must hold a sense of his own individual mission and expand outward in consciousness through the heavenly Presence to understand the Life-plan of others….you know that all is fulfilled in the perfect triangle of balanced attittude--this is the attitude that seeks the commonweal and understands the dangers of mental manipulation….
  O wisdom’s star, continue to shine!           -Lanto:  Pearls of Wisdom 12:29
-Kuthumi, by Hermann Schmiechen, 1884

-Duke of Zhou, probable embodiment of Lanto

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