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People, search amidst your rags!

1)    II, i, 8.  The sole bridge between the spirit's understanding and the embracement of the earthly plane is the white blood corpuscle.  But you know what conflict attends their existence.  Do not the white corpuscles subject to the forces of Earth and bearing the knowledge of Spirit seem to you like White Brothers?…Therefore upon Earth one must reach Us, discover Us as silver ore--the best beneath the earthly crust.
2.3.1.  From the very beginning the prophets have noted sound and color….According to the color of his radiation each one is attracted by flowers.  White and lilac have affinity with the purple, blue with the blue; therefore I advise to keep more of these colors in the room.  One can follow this in living flowers.  Plants wisely selected according to color are more healing.  I advise to have more freesias.  Our ray with its silveriness is more reminiscent of white flowers.  Color and sound are Our best repast.
2.3.15.  The growth of the works is similar to that of lilies.  Near a garden wall one white sister has hidden herself.  She has no companions, but the stalks already carry the evidence of new ones.
2.4.1.  Where there is argument, where there is fear, where there is the germ of prejudice there it is difficult for the white flowers.  Simply, simply, simply, applying love, courage and readiness--this is no time for inflated bubbles; out of place is conceit, especially when compared with Christ's washing of the fishermen's feet.
2.4.5.  People, search amidst your rags!  A white garment is ready for all.  Let us relegate all monkey attire to the circus together with conceited fools.  Yes, yes, yes!  It is better with savages than in a pharmacy of false remedies.  Thus speak.
2.4.6.  The serpent of the solar plexus helps to surmount the confusion of the nerve centers--that is why the serpent was a regal symbol.  When the coils of the serpent begin to curl the organism becomes especially sensitive.  Flowers transmit their vital emanation through the fibers of the tissues of the white blood corpuscles which defend the citadel of the serpent.
3.3.6.  Regard nothing as belonging to you--the easier for you not to damage things.  Think how best to adorn each place--the surer will you protect yourself from rubbish.  Consider how much better than the old must each new thing be--by this will you affirm the ladder of ascent.  Think how beautiful is the morrow--thus will you learn to look forward.  Think how cruel is the condition of animals--thus will you start to pity the lower.  Reflect how small is the Earth--thus you will improve your understanding of relationships.  Think how beautiful is the Sun hiding behind the Earth's sphere--thus will you restrain yourself from irritation. Think how white are the doves in the Sun's ray--thus will you strengthen your hope. Think how blue is the sky--thus will you approach eternity.  Think how black is darkness--thus will you guard yourself against the cold of retreat.  Think courageously about the images of the Great Ones--thus will you follow the line of unity. Think what happiness it is to walk upon the crust of the planet imbuing it with the consciousness of the spirit. Think what happiness it is to walk under the rays of constellations, being a focal point of rays millenniums of years old.  Think about Our hand which guides vigilantly--thus will you prolong the thread of life.    
                                           -Leaves of Morya's Garden 1925
2)    41.  We drive out all fear.  We throw to the wind all the many-colored feathers of fear  blue feathers of frozen terror, green feathers of trembling betrayal, yellow feathers of secret crawling away, red feathers of frenzied heartbeat, white feathers of reticence, black feathers of fall into the abyss.  It is needful to repeat about the multiformity of fear, otherwise there remains somewhere a small gray feather of complaisant mumbling or even some fluff of hurried bustle, but behind these will be the same idol of fear.  Each wing of fear bears one downwards.
258.  Let us turn once more to the mirage of maya. Clearly there will loom before you the evident futility of working upon humanity.  How obvious are the traits of mutual abasement!  How prominent are hypocrisy and falsehood!  How stifling ignorance and deadly laziness!  This mirage of evidence clouds the horizon of reality.  But as the white elephant of Maitreya reality marches on.       -M:  Community 1926
3)  174.  The step of crossing into the higher sphere is radiant!    -M:  Infinity 1, 1930 
4)   131.  The spirit that has realized the purity of the creative fire can become a forceful leader.  Therefore he who carries the silvery lotus in his chalice awakens through his vibrations the accumulations in others.  The creativeness of the white ray is replaced by the radiance of the silvery lotus.  Thus the magnet of Spirit verily leads the striving ones to attainment.  
-M:  Infinity 2, 1930
5)   109.  The entire world is divided into black and white ones.   Some serve consciously, others according to their nature, and the third present a jelly-like mass unfit for anything.  The black lodge is strong because for the combat with light a powerful potentiality is needed.  It is unwise to underestimate the forces of the adversaries, especially when their beloved Kali Yuga comes to its end.  Certainly it is a decisive battle and one should take care that temptation and seduction do not touch the weak ones. 
214.  Certainly when the black lodge directs its arrows against the White Brotherhood the consequences are self-destructive and the manifestation of a rebounding blow is unavoidable.  What you heard is a consequence of self-destruction because the aimed arrow returned to the sender.  Hence let each one be affirmed in the understanding of Our power.  Nothing can touch the one who evidences a full faith in Our might and in Hierarchy.  Our rays are always on watch and Our hand is indefatigable.  Thus the full might of Hierarchy must be understood.
284.  When I speak of the black ones I advise paying attention to their subtle methods and discerning how patiently they creep to the goal and how they choose shoulders behind which to screen themselves.  You do not see the black ones, but the grey ones and almost white ones.  
456.  Everyone whose consciousness can already contain the significance of Hierarchy must first of all renounce blasphemy of the spirit.  Much unworthy blasphemy is uttered and thought amidst the usual work of day and night.  The most dangerous poison is produced by these imperceptible treasons.  Often their consequences are more dreadful than one misdeed through crass ignorance.  It is not easy to break the habit of the abomination of blasphemy, for the boundary between the white and black is complicated. We call this contamination a black ulcer similar to cancer. …Ponder that in concluding Our notes about Hierarchy We do not conclude anything but only open the next gates.      -M:  Hierarchy 1931
6)    14.  in studying aum one can establish that the precipitations are multicolored.  Certainly precipitations may be red, purple or blue, but approaching the heart they lose their coloring.  The crystal of the heart is white or colorless.  Of course this resonance of the heart is not often observed, but one should strive toward it.  The ancients advised the placing of one's hand upon the needles of young cedars in order that condensed prana might penetrate through the fingertips.  There are many ways of receiving finer energy from the vegetable kingdom, but the one regarded as best is that of the open heart when it knows the direction of striving.
82.  It is difficult to annihilate an evil action.   So many superstructures and towers one would have to construct in order to muffle the shrieking of a malicious prisoner who attempts to make his way through each half-closed door.  People persistently follow not only evil but even unsuccessful thoughts and deeds.  The path of life is surrounded by the signs of actions revealed as uneradicated spots; therefore it is so wise to strive into the future.  In this flight one has no time to sully the white wings.
113.  It is necessary to point out that Our yoga contains no enforced sorcery and never will be a producer of chaos.  It is necessary to kindle the young ones to heroic action which will transform their natures and, imperceptibly to them, prepare the heart for future perfection.  Thus it is necessary with the utmost simplicity and joy to sail to the White Island, as We sometimes call Our central shrine.
247.  The present chaos is like a race of Chaos with the Manifest….the white horses of light must overtake the black horses.  This reminder must be repeated, otherwise some may be tempted by these raven steeds.
332.  The heart that knows the subtle world knows flowers and mountains and snows and the seas.  Flowers thrive in a richness of forms, and their colors are indescribably more complex than the colors of Earth; the snows are whiter and more crystalline and richer than those of Earth….Only the lightbearing consciousness of the heart will carry the subtle body into higher realms.  Thus everyone who prepares his heart and uplifts the hearts of his near ones already creates the will of Him who sent him!  When it is asked if the heart is not a balloon since it can rise aloft, say that the jest is not far from the truth.  Verily the energy of the heart is so remarkably like helium and other of the finest gasses that it is not far from the spiritual truth to imagine the ascension of the heart.
466.  The chain of the White Forces should be constantly in one's thoughts.  Not condemnation but only the future structure is needed.  Effulgent is the white chain from the Mountains of Light….All indications should be fulfilled so that the specks of imperil may not impede the might of the White Forces.
556.   You will not be astonished at my confirmation that black magic is increasing greatly.  Of course this is one of the weapons used by the opponents of light. They gather conscious and unconscious co-workers. Conjurations, incantations and also all accumulations of the dark ones are broadly utilized.  In addition to dark centers previously indicated to you many small circles are arising, often based on the most primitive rituals.  But general harm is great.  Of course white magic possesses the most powerful formula, but above all formulas stands the energy of the heart….
  But now when the forces of darkness are so aroused the forces of the heart are set against them in opposition.  It can be noticed how gradually the rituals of white magic were carried to the highest concepts of Fire and the heart.  The dark ones do not possess these strongholds.  Only the pure heart can act; only the link with the Hierarchy of Light can kindle inextinguishable fires.  Thus the opposition of the heart to all dark forces will be the sign of victory.  I affirm the might of the heart, and from your experience you know how close and powerful is this weapon of light.  The fiery sphere cannot be approached without the flame of the heart.  Initiation by fire is only for the pure heart.
310.  From the East the White Eagle—thus We reveal a new consciousness.  Nothing is possible without the East.  The history of mankind was created either by the East or for the East.  It is impossible to imagine the immensity of the structure of culture whose temple is so vast. 
337.   Of course the heart that recognizes Fire can gradually assimilate it. 
591.  It is a fallacy for anyone to continue to regard the present time as normal.  No self-hypnosis or reminiscing can help the ship in a storm; only the solid rock of the future can hold the anchor!       -M:  Fiery World 1933
7)    249.  Not magic but God-inspiredness was ordained in the ancient covenants.  When higher communion began to be interrupted people themselves compiled magic from the earthly world as a means of forced communion.  But, as everything which is forced, magic ends up in the darkest manifestations.  The very boundary line between black and white magic becomes elusive in its intricacy.  Therefore on the path to the future one should eschew all magic.      -M:  Fiery World 1934

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