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During 1992 Yeltsin wheeled and dealed

by Y. Annenkov, 1921, Moscow
  The Capitalists of the world and their governments, in pursuit of 
conquest of the Soviet market, will close their eyes to the indicated 
higher reality and thus will turn into deaf mute blindmen. They will 
extend credits, which will strengthen for us the Communist Party in 
their countries; and giving us the materials and technology we lack, 
they will restore our military industry, indispensable for our future 
victorious attack on our suppliers. In other words, they will labor for 
the preparation of their own suicide.    -Vladimir (Ulyanov) Lenin, as reported by Yuri Annenkov in an article entitled “Remembrances of Lenin,” Novyi Zhurnal / New Review, September 1961, p. 147:  Annenkov stated that he had examined Lenin’s manuscripts while visiting the Moscow Institute of V. I. Lenin shortly after the leader’s death in 1924.  Novyi Zhurnal is published in New York City.
  During 1992 Yeltsin wheeled and dealed with Royal Dutch/Shell, 
British Petroleum, Amoco, Texaco and Exxon. The Chevron joint 
venture to develop the Tengiz oil field was signed. McDermott 
International, Marathon Oil and Mitsui signed a contract with the 
Russian government to develop oil and natural gas off Sakhalin Island. 
Chevron and Oman formed a consortium to build a huge pipeline to 
carry crude oil from Kazakhstan to the Black Sea, Mediterranean, and 
Persian Gulf. Occidental Petroleum signed a joint venture with Russia 
to modernize two oil fields in Siberia.... Newmont mining signed a 
joint venture to extract gold in Uzbekistan. Merrill Lynch's chairman, 
William Schreyer (CFR), signed up as financial adviser to "aid in 
privatizing" the Ukrainian State Property Fund. AT&T CEO Robert 
Allen signed a huge contract to supply switching systems 
for all of Kazakhstan....
  US West joined with the Hungarian government to own and 
operate a national cellular telephone system; GM Vice President 
Marina Whitman joined the governments of Hungary and 
Yugoslavia to make cars; GE CEO John Welch and vice 
chairman of the board, Lawrence Bossidy bought a majority 
stake in Hungary's lighting industry; Ralston-Purina, Dow Chemical, 
Eastman Kodak, SC Johnson & Son, Xerox, American Express, Procter 
& Gamble, Woolworth, Philip Morris, Ford, Compaq 
Computer--hardly a single American brand name was missing. 1 

ITEM: In February of 1996 the Clinton Administration made a 
$1 billion loan of US taxpayers' money to Russia's state-controlled 
Aeroflot company so it could more effectively compete with 
American companies such as Boeing in the building of jumbo jets. 
By the end of that year the former Soviet Bloc countries had 
received transfusions from the World Bank of over $3 billion. 

ITEM: Now the action has spread to China. American banks 
and businessmen--with taxpayers standing by with guarantees-- 
have provided power-generating equipment, modern steel mills, 
and military hardware including artillery shells, anti-submarine 
torpedoes, and high-tech electronic gear to update Russian-made 
jet fighters. All of this is explained as a means of weaning the Red 
Chinese away from mother Russia and encouraging them to move 
closer to free-enterprise capitalism. Yet, in 1985, at the height of the 
frenzy over building trade bridges to China, the regime signed a 
$14 billion trade pact with Russia and, in 1986, sent a $20 million 
interest-free loan to the Communist Sandinistas in Nicaragua.  Even 
after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre in Beijing, when U.S. 
officials were publicly condemning China for human-rights viola- 
tions, business quietly continued as usual. "The United States 
cannot condone the violent attacks and cannot ignore the 
consequence for our relationship with China," said President Bush. Yet, 
within only a few weeks of the bloodshed, and at the very time that 
student leaders were being executed, the Administration approved 
a $200 million, low-interest loan for delivery of four of Boeing's 
newest jumbo-jet aircraft. In 1993, forty-seven more jetliners were 
sold with a projected sale of 800 more over the next fifteen years. 
Amoco is spending $1.5 billion to develop oil fields in the China 
Sea. A joint venture between the Chinese government and Chrysler 

1. "The Payoff," by Jane H. Ingraham, The New American, June 28,1993, pp. 25-6. 

is building military jeeps. A similar joint project is being used to 
upgrade their F-8 fighter planes. Three communications satellites 
were cleared for delivery. AT&T contracted a $30 million cellular 
communications network....
  China's interest in military technology is revealing. In addition 
to the advanced hardware purchased from the United States, the 
Chinese have bought MIG-31 and SU-27 jet fighters from Russia 
and an aircraft carrier constructed in Ukraine. In May of 1992 
China set off its biggest underground nuclear blast. In 1997 the 
purchase list was extended to include self-propelled gun-mortar 
systems and Russia's most advanced diesel-electric submarines.  p. 303
  American leaders are not stupid. They merely are implementing the Rothschild Formula. To justify world government it is necessary to have wars and the threat of wars. Wars require enemies with frightful weapons. 
If it is true that Western leaders are deliberately funding their 
own enemies, we must assume they have considered Lenin's 
prediction that, by so doing, they are preparing their own suicide-- 
ours, also, by the way. We must also conclude that they are 
confident of avoiding that destiny. Whether they are right or wrong 
is not the issue here. The point is they believe they are correct and, 
further, they are building a world order which they are confident of 
being able to control. p. 306  

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